When DJI OM 4 premiered in August , it turned a few heads using its brand-new magnetic design. As the hottest addition to the DJI phone gimbal lineup includes plenty of brand-new features, word around town has been dominated by the magnetic quick-release design. What specifically is this new feature, and just why could it be important? Join us as we explore the DJI OM 4 research story and look into what continued behind the scenes.

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Never Miss a Magnetic Moment
Since DJI started designing phone gimbals, mounting and balancing a phone were at the forefront of the development process. Special moments, from a lovely sunset to your child’s first steps, all deserve to be captured. It’s the seconds that count, and the brand new DJI OM 4 was created to offer you back those seconds that last an eternity.

The magnetic design was made to create DJI OM 4 easy and simple phone gimbal to use by reducing any unnecessary setup, balancing, and adjustments required. When DJI Osmo Mobile 3 arrived back 2019, it offered users an excellent, foldable gimbal that may be taken anywhere. As the foldable design managed to get better to transport, carry, and shoot on the run, some users didn’t want to fiddle around with mounting and balancing. DJI kept their ears to the bottom and developed a way for folks to shoot immediately without the balancing required. Magnets.

No Balancing Required
In the centre of the brand new DJI OM 4 may be the magnetic phone holder and the magnetic ring holder. The brand new magnetic phone holder is super thin and ultralight, which fits snug around the frame of your phone. The magnetic ring holder attaches to the trunk of your phone, also doubling up as a phone holder. On the trunk of both magnetic phone clamp and the magnetic ring holder is – you guessed it – just a little magnet that attaches your phone onto the gimbal. Sounds simple?

Perfect Alignment
The first DJI OM 4 design was simpler, containing only 1 magnetic side. It had been soon learned that the original design didn’t permit the smartphone and gimbal to align automatically. The ultimate DJI OM 4 design utilizes three magnets per side to help make the alignment more accurate, regardless if the phone is mounted on the gimbal quickly.

Imagine you’re on holiday and you spot an unbelievable scene; the very last thing you should do is sit there fumbling about trying to balance your gimbal. The DJI OM was made to put you in to the moment, giving you the easiest & most effective way to shoot phone gimbal video whenever your moment of inspiration strikes.

Safe and sound Mounting
DJI also conducted numerous tests to guarantee the magnetic design keeps a phone stable in several environments and conditions. The effect is a well balanced mounting system that keeps a phone securely set up even while you utilize the gimbal on the run.

The ultimate product, DJI OM 4, is a complete phone gimbal which offers the best simplicity and function from a handheld gimbal device of its kind. So, if you like to shoot together with your camera phone but are buying a convenient way that will help you shoot better, DJI OM 4 is an outstanding choice for you.

More Support for Phones and extra Lenses
When DJI Osmo Mobile 2 premiered, the focus was on increasing fat loss, battery life, and the telephone attachment clamp. When DJI Osmo Mobile 3 landed, users received a foldable design and the brand new DJI Mimo iphone app for an totally simplified shooting experienced. DJI OM 4 went after optimizing an individual experience by addressing the problems users had with DJI Osmo Mobile 3. As well as the brand-new magnetic quick-release design, DJI OM 4 also offers better motors that allow users to use heavier phones and lenses.

DJI OM 4: Create Magnetic Moments
Whether it’s a well planned vacation, a weekend visit to the beach, or indoor family fun, almost all of us wish to shoot quite happy with our phones because it’s easy and convenient. The problem some people face is that smartphone footage will often look somewhat shaky, especially in the hands of different users. DJI OM 4 introduces the brand new magnetic design to simplify the complete shooting experience, rendering it possible for everyone to create magnetic moments.

DJI OM 4: What’s In the Box?
Along with the DJI OM 4, you get yourself a magnetic ring holder that snaps your phone onto the gimbal and other metal surfaces. Also included may be the magnetic phone clamp that keeps your smartphone secure while used. The Grip Tripod offers you extra stability and in addition enables you to elongate the handle. Throw in a convenient storage pouch, wrist strap, a charging cable, and the instructions, and you’ve got all you need to get started right away.

DJI OM 4: Main Features
Magnetic Design
DJI OM 4 is a video stabilizer that is included with a sleek magnetic phone clamp and magnetic ring holder. All you need to accomplish is attach your phone to the clamp or ring holder, snap it on your phone, and begin creating. If someone rings while you’re filming, just detach your phone, take the decision, and reattach to keep.

Portable and Foldable
The new gimbal includes a compact size that means it is super convenient to fold up and throw in a backpack, purse, or the convenient Storage Pouch. A perfect hiking companion, this new DJI phone gimbal is incredibly simple to carry and use once you find something interesting to shoot.

Recording a dance gimbal video that requires some extra flair? Try the imaginative DynamicZoom function, a zoom shot that gives a Hollywood-style shot with reduced effort. You can warp your footage for a unique gimbal video of your smooth moves.

Gesture Control
Gone will be the days when you must ask a passerby to have a picture for you. Because of this nifty feature on the brand new DJI gimbal, whether you’re at a family group gathering or enjoying a pool party, you merely desire a simple gesture to have a picture or take up a gimbal video.

ActiveTrack 3.0
How about a lively child or a playful puppy that’s always on the run? ActiveTrack 3.0 is a fantastic feature on the brand new video stabilizer which allows you to check out your subject and create a stabilized gimbal video. With a better recognition accuracy for children and pets, DJI OM 4 may be the perfect video stabilizer for a visit to your dog park or a family group picnic.

CloneMe Pano
Ever wanted to maintain multiple places concurrently? Here’s your chance. The CloneMe feature creates one epic panorama from several photos, pausing and that means you have enough time to access another frame and strike a pose. And you don’t need any post-editing skills because of this epic illusion.

Story Mode
Story mode includes several one-tap templates simply perfect for an agreeable Sunday brunch, trip around, or whenever your recording your selected moments. When you’re finished filming your gimbal video, decide on a template or create your own. You can create a social media-ready video that you can share very quickly.

This wraps up a few of the key features. For an in depth look at all of the new features, take just click here.

DJI OM 4 may be the perfect choice for folks who would like to shoot stabilized video without investing right into a more difficult and expensive DSLR setup. The affordable gimbal allows one to try their hand at vlogging or shooting travel videos before making a decision to invest hard work into more complex systems. The brand new DJI phone gimbal offers more stability and functions than selfie sticks, and its own compact size helps it be just as simple to carry.

When you incorporate simplicity with imaginative shooting modes and convenient in-app editing, DJI OM 4 gives users looking for an iPhone gimbal or Android gimbal the opportunity to improve their photographs and videos instantly. Still unsure? Have a look at who this new DJI gimbal is for below.

No time for creative imagination because of a hectic lifestyle? Enable the Standby mode going to pause on a busy day, and make contact with recording once you like. ActiveTrack 3.0 and Sport mode permit you to maintain together with your kids and pets, providing stabilized video regardless of the activity.

Capture your best occasions together and share your creation with the world. Create your own templates with the DJI Mimo iphone app to condense your selected occasions into fun, sharable clips.

Thanks to an instant setup and single-handed control, this incredibly versatile video stabilizer is simply perfect for creating your own gimbal videos. Try DynamicZoom, a thrilling feature that warps your footage, making your vlogs much better than ever.

This new, incredibly easy DJI gimbal could be taken on any adventure. Multiple panorama modes provide further imaginative flexibility, and functions like Hyperlapse enable truly gorgeous gimbal video irrespective of where you travel.

Whether you’re creating a gimbal video for a school project or another viral video with friends, DJI OM 4 is everything you have to capture your moments. Use Quick Roll to transition between orientations easily and use Slow Motion to decelerate details for an extraordinary stabilized video.

Media Professionals
DJI OM 4 can be an outstanding solution for media professionals looking for more versatility when carrying much professional set up is merely unthinkable. The 3-axis gimbal will come in useful for property photography or for creating a gimbal video for your up-and-coming business. In addition, it serves as both an iPhone gimbal and Android gimbal, therefore you as well as your colleagues don’t need any extra accessories to get started on filming.

DJI OM 4 Accessories
Grip Tripod
The Grip Tripod includes the DJI OM 4, serving as an excellent accessory for vloggers, travelers, and content creators who wish to create stabilized gimbal video with reduced effort. You may easily screw on the grip tripod for added stability or keep it mounted on elongate the gimbal handle. To accomplish an enthralling Hyperlapse, set the gimbal down on a set surface and allow video stabilizer work its magic.