From lazy breakfasts to grand dinner parties to game nights, life happens in the dining area in more ways than one. Here’s how exactly to pick dining chairs, to create that perfect gathering spot.

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From lazy breakfasts to grand dinner parties to game nights, life happens in the dining area in more ways than one. Here’s how exactly to pick dining chairs, to create that perfect gathering spot:

For the longest time, chairs have played matchy-matchy with tables, making dining sets not merely predictable but expensive too. But today’s open concept homes and mix-it-up trends have broken that custom, throwing buyers right into a tizzy. Is it possible to pair a sleek, geometrically designed chair with that adorable rustic farm table? Is it possible to risk plush seating with pets in the home? Will that low-back chair you are eyeing be comfortable enough? Your options are aplenty however the rules are simple.

  1. Comfort in dimensions
    Source: Andrea Brooks Interiors

It’s surprising how color comes first, while comfort comes last when buying dining chairs. Looks could be deceiving, so consider – is it possible to sit comfortably upon this chair for another two hours without waking up?

Gauge the dining chair’s width at its widest point – either the backrest or the seat
An armless dining chair offers optimum comfort when 22 inches wide and 24 inches deep
Avoid anything smaller than 17 inches by 20 inches
Chair arms require yet another six inches, so opt out in limited spaces
If you are coping with knee patients, toddlers, women that are pregnant or the elderly, having at least one arm chair at the table could be a boon because they provide support and protection when getting back in and out.

Being truly a busy space, the dining area requires a clean movement area. So choose chairs which may easily slide under the table. At the least 12 inches between your tabletop and dining chair seat ensures relaxed seating while providing satisfactory legroom.

Take note of upholstered seats that compress when sitting. Inclined backrests, preferably the ones that follow the natural curve of your back, and padded or upholstered chairs are excellent options too.

  1. Mirroring style with lifestyle
    Do you frequently host grand banquets in the home? Or do you love casual, laid-back meal-times? Your life style could be easily reflected in the dining chairs you select.

High back chairs set the tone for formal settings while low back chairs easily create a everyday ambiance. Also, delicately designed or open back chairs allow longer sightlines, making a tiny dining area look spacious. Similarly, well defined, voluminous chairs prosper in large spaces. This thumb rule applies across themes whether it’s traditional, contemporary, minimalistic or other things.

You might take the center path and choose extravagant end chairs and simple side chairs. This is not hard on the pocket and creates a semi-formal dining setup that will not consume visual or actual space.

  1. Mix it up
    Source: Design Sponge

Dining chairs that complement instead of match dining tables will be the flavor of the growing season. It sounds challenging however the trick is to locate a common factor – color, shape, style, height, leg style, or material – that unites the chairs together or helps it be relatable with the table.

For instance, mismatched geometric chairs could be brought together when painted in the same color or when upholstered in the same fabric. If you’re a lover of anybody particular material and color, say metal painted white, choose group of chairs that can come with different backrest designs. You may also travel through different furniture periods easily. Antique tables can pair handsomely with mid-century, modern furniture if indeed they have similarly styled furniture legs.

  1. Easy to move
    It is always better have dining chairs you may easily move around the home. That is especially important if they’re pulling double-duty. It may be used for extra seating in the living room when entertaining guests. It could come helpful when being used your own house office.

Chairs with open backrests might help get rid of visual clutter while providing support. Slat back or plastic moulded chairs provide easy grip when relocating and from the dining room plus they are simple to use option for kids and pets too. Solid back or heavy-set chairs are comparatively difficult to go.

However, it is necessary to remember never to pick chairs that cut into people’s backs. You can choose chairs which are partly upholstered on the upper half so that it can be easily found by the elbow.

  1. Buy stable structures
    Regardless of what material they are constructed of, chairs should stand firmly on the feet rather than wobble under tension. That is especially important should you be picking antique pieces.

Wooden dining chairs certainly are a common favourite and provide toughness like metal ones. Chairs that are created by skilled craftsmen using traditional joinery will probably go longer. Glued pieces, splinters and snags certainly are a definite no. Apply the same principle regardless if you are deciding on a wooden bench for seating rather than individual chairs.

  1. Choose easy maintenance
    Your dining chair material might help evoke moods you want. Metal can truly add sheen and lightness. Rattan can render a tropical aura. Wood produces a warm, organic and natural feel. But each includes its own group of maintenance requirements.

For those who have pets or kids, your dining chairs are bound to handle a lot of deterioration. Non-upholstered chairs or people that have minimal fabric are ideal in such cases, since they are simple to clean.

Bonded or tufted leather, cotton blends, Sunbrella fabrics are simple to clean and appearance good aswell. Food stains or drool or worse could be wiped off easily. But when you have actually want to have something in delicate materials like chenille or velvet, buy slipcovers that can be easily cleaned and removed when the necessity arises. A medium to dark shade is ideal for concealing stains too.

Since wood is most coveted material for dining chairs, it is crucial to keep in mind that although it’s simple to clean, wood changes color as time passes. Also, spillages need to done away with promptly because they leave water stains. Same applies to glass textures because they can look ugly with fingerprint stains. And if you’re going for metal, make certain that it is rust-resistant and will be cleaned easily with a damp cloth.