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CyberPowerPC, often known as CyberPower, can be an American computer manufacturer and retailer. It specializes in a variety of computer gaming-oriented hardware, which range from low cost/low performance to high cost, custom built powerful, and it is known because of its high selection of options via website orders for custom-built machines.

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Last updated on June 8, 2022 9:53 pm

CyberPowerPC was founded and incorporated on February 17, 1998 in the town of Industry, California.

In 2003, the business was listed as the most effective growing privately owned business in the LA area by the LA Business Journal.[citation needed]

From 2011-2016, CyberPowerPC has been constantly ranked within the most notable 150 major privately owned companies headquartered in LA county by the LA Business Journal.[2][3][4]

CyberPowerPC produces and sells PCs mostly for use in computer gaming. Their products feature third-party pieces prepared in to the complete ready-to break packages. CyberPowerPC supplies the substitute for users to select their custom pieces for building PC.

With the advent of VR gaming in 2014, CyberPowerPC, with support from Oculus VR, released the most economical computer with the capacity of running the Oculus Rift virtual reality system, according to Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe.[5] Later, CyberPowerPC became notable for creating a PC build for the express reason for streaming video gaming.[6]

All desktops released by the business are designed to user specifications with several pre-selected builds available. Generally, these computers aren’t given a model name (unlike laptops) as a result of variable nature of every design. CyberPower PC offers are many exclusive series, such as for example Elgato Stream Machine or Luxe, that range from someone to eight thousand US Dollars