Oprah’s favorite toaster oven is an excellent toaster oven and an excellent enough air fryer. As always with Cuisinart, the looks are top shelf, and it’ll serve you well. When you can forego the air frying, you should consider other alternatives.
Design is excellent – I’d buy it simply for the retro vibes
So far as cooking goes, it’s solid with quick heatup and even heating
Versatility – it could air fry but also offers other extra modes you don’t always get
Air frying is mediocre
Timer is inaccurate
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as of June 22, 2022 7:05 pm
as of June 22, 2022 7:05 pm
as of June 22, 2022 7:05 pm
as of June 22, 2022 7:05 pm
as of June 22, 2022 7:05 pm
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Once I uncovered that among “Oprah’s favorite things” is a toaster oven/air fryer combo, I’ve made a decision to review it. I was skeptical about the endorsement initially. It promises great toast, a specialist baking experience and, since it’s an air fryer, liquid-free frying. But how well does it deliver on these promises? May be the Cuisinart Air Fryer actually proficient at frying? What is it possible to do with it?

Let’s find out.

Cuisinart TOA-60: Main Pros
To start, they are my Cuisinart Air Fryer’s favorite features:

Quick and quiet
If you want an efficient oven you want an oven that performs well under time pressure, and the TOA-60 is unquestionably great at it.

The oven quickly gets hotter and cooks faster than your conventional oven. Actually, like with almost all of our top counter ovens, first-timers may choose to reduce both heat level and time to avoid any burnt foods.

If you’re air frying, you’ll also enjoy quick preheating times and lightning-fast cooking experience.

And, although this oven has a fan, the motor is indeed quiet you’ll barely hear it. This helps it be perfect to speak to your guests in your kitchen and assures you won’t awaken anyone when you’re cooking up a late night snack.

Great built-in features
Cuisinart’s Air Fryer Toaster Oven helps it be simple to do both toasting and air frying. You can choose specific options to air fry particular foods, like wings, snacks, veggies and, of course, fries. The oven also offers built-in options for reheating, baking, roasting, convection broil and cooking up pizza.

Besides conventional toasting and air frying, you may use the low-temperature settings for braising and slow-cooking dishes. And, unlike almost every other ovens out there, also you can make usage of it for dehydrating!

The oven’s design has some very nice little features aswell. It offers a safety door that immediately shuts down the oven when opening it and a timer to change on the oven after cooking.

Easy to clean
The stainless exterior could be wiped off with a damp towel once it cools off and the simplicity of the outer design makes the cleaning process super easy. No crooks and crannies to develop dust!

It also includes a crumb tray that slides out for washing or maybe shaking the crumbs quickly.

Great design
The stunning silver exterior and the classic, almost minimalistic design helps it be exquisite for the countertop of any kitchen.

The door features a sizable window to monitor your meal without interrupting the cooking process and its own size helps it fit anywhere.

Main Specs
Here’s a close look at the key top features of the Cuisinart TOA-60 Toaster Oven:

Oven size
The Cuisinart Air Fryer includes a surprisingly large interior space. Within you can fit up to 3lbs. of chicken wings, 6 slices of toast, or perhaps a 12” pizza.

It measures 14” by 15.8” by 14” (35cm by 40cm by 35cm) and weighs 21 pounds (9.5kg) so that it can be hard to go around.

Dials and navigation
This oven is rather simple to navigate. All you have to to do is to create these four different dials:

On/timer dial: The “On” dial also doubles as a 60-minute timer and shuts off the oven after the time runs out.
Temperature dial: You can select temperatures from 250 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (121 to 232 Celsius).
Function dial: With it, you can put it to use with different built-in functions or manually modify it to bake, air fry, or toast.
Toast timer dial: Like the first dial, this dial simplifies the complete process to just toast bread, all you have to to do is to choose your toast shade and it’ll switch off automatically.
Included accessories
The unit includes a crumb tray that doubles as a baking pan, an oven rack and an air-fryer basket. None of the are dishwasher safe so they need to be hand-washed.

Cuisinart TOA-60 – IN THE EVENT YOU Buy It?
The Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven is a superb oven that may air fry well.

Here’s where it shines… and where it doesn’t:

What I liked:
Versatile: With so many choices, from toasting bread to baking pizza to air frying wings and fries, this toaster oven offers you more functionality than most others.
Great design: The stunning stainless exterior and the easy and elegant design can look great in virtually any kitchen for a long time to come.
Good oven performance: The oven is fast, efficient and gets hotter pretty evenly.
Standard size: You should use the same accessories as in other toaster ovens, an advantage when purchasing them or using the kinds you have.
Convenient to use – You’ll either be using three dials to bake and air fry or the main one for toasting. No complex navigation or weird digital screens.
Three-year warranty: Although some ovens offer the twelve months, Cuisinart has always provided quality appliances. That’s why, although it’s unsurprising to start to see the three-year warranty, it’s definitely reassuring.
What I didn’t like:
Not the very best air fryer: Although the air fryer is totally functional, some users reported that they couldn’t properly air fry things such as donuts and full chickens and that the frying appears to be uneven, specially when loading it up to the most notable.
Inaccurate timer: The timer is mechanical, not digital, and the mechanism doesn’t seem to be to be precise, which means you need to check out your food to make certain the timer isn’t running long. Furthermore to it, the timer has 10-minute intervals with nothing among.
Conclusion – IN THE EVENT YOU Get It?
Don’t misunderstand me – the Cuisinart TOA-60 is a superb toaster oven. It offers you plenty of cooking options, large kitchen area and quick cooking times. However, the air fryer appears to be slightly lacking – it’s definitely not as effective as the big ol’ Breville Smart Oven Air – although it’s still ideal for a dual-function oven.

The TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven may be the perfect appliance if you wish an excellent toaster and convection oven you can occasionally use for air frying. It’s perfect for folks that like to become more hands-on with their cooking experience and for folks that want to get a sizable oven at a tiny price.