Whether you’re buying your first cutting machine (exciting!) or seeking to know if it’s worthwhile to upgrade from a mature model, you’re in the proper place for my Cricut Explore Air 2 review.

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I’ll breakdown everything about the Cricut Explore Air 2, including how it differs from the prior Explore Air model.

I’ve highlighted important features (like bundles, deals, pros & cons) so if you’re just skimming for quick information, it’ll pop right out.

What is it accurately which makes this craft cutting a crowd favorite?

Let’s explore.

Cricut Explore Air 2 Review ()
This little craft cutter can cut, draw, & score on over 100 different materials. It creates cutting a breeze with programmed cut settings, cloud-based designing, and wireless cutting. In addition, it comes with a excellent collection accessories for reliable, precision cuts.

About the Cricut Explore Air 2 machine
The Cricut Explore Air 2 premiered in late 2016, packed packed with features that managed to get the most versatile and speediest cutter available to buy. It sold-out immediately and became a lasting favorite among crafters. It’s gotten a lot more affordable as time passes and is still among the finest deals you can obtain for a home vinyl cutter.

The Explore Air 2 continues to be the most effective home vinyl cutter you will find, with a 2x fast mode to cut at twice the speed of the prior model. I believe it’s the best-designed cutter in the marketplace: it looks beautiful and is a pleasure to use.

Cricut Explore Air 2, Persimmon

Cuts, scores, and draws on over 100 different materials
Cutting is a breeze with the Smart Set Dial, 2x fast mode, and dual tool holder
Seamlessly design and cut wirelessly from your own laptop, phone, or tablet
If you wish to go straight to the very best deals and bundles, give a click to head right down to the bottom of the review where I’ve collected those for you personally.

Key top features of the Cricut Explore Air 2
Just below, I’ve chosen the most crucial top features of the Explore Air 2. As you’ll discover, it’s a really versatile machine that’s great for anyone who would like to start out making easy and professional-looking crafts, or those people who are seeking to upgrade from a mature vinyl cutter to 1 with the hottest technology.

The Explore Air 2 has three different cutting tools you need to use: the fine-point blade, the deep-point blade, and the bonded fabric blade. With these tools, you can cut over 100 several types of material including:

foam sheets
bonded fabrics
paper and vinyl, foam sheets and chipboard, to bonded fabric.

Smart Set Dial. With this dial, you may easily opt for the material you’ll be cutting, and the Cricut will automatically choose the appropriate cutting depth and speed. This requires a large amount of the frustration and guesswork out of picking the cut settings and can finish up helping you save significant time and material.

2x fast mode. Cricut’s Explore Air 2 includes a 2x fast mode, which enables you to cut thin materials like vinyl, paper, and cardstock at twice the speed. Another huge time saver, since cutting some projects may take a surprising period of time!

Accessories. The machine can even be used in combination with some very nice accessories. It writes and draws with colorful Cricut pens in order to make individualized cards and signs. You may use the scoring stylus to create 3d paper art or give your homemade cards a specialist finish. Because the Explore Air 2 includes a double tool holder, you can utilize any two of the tools at once. This implies you can cut & draw or cut & score within a pass, without needing to switch out tools among.

Cricut Design Space software. The Explore Air 2 can be used with Cricut Design Space, its the free design software. This program is cloud-based, to help you access and focus on your designs seamlessly across your personal computer, phone, or tablet. The device also comes Bluetooth ready, in order to wirelessly send your designs to be cut.

Cutting precision, versatility, and speed
When you are thinking of buying a fresh craft cutter, the main capability to consider is how well it actually cuts. That is one area where Cricut machines definitely excel, because they are reliable and faster cutters than almost every other home machines. The Explore Air 2 cuts much better than any other home cutter I’ve reviewed in this cost range (though it doesn’t beat the more costly Cricut Maker).

The Explore Air 2 can be an amazing cutter: it really is precise, reliable and flexible for an assortment home projects. It really is versatile enough to cut over 100 different materials and is accurate enough to take care of even intricate designs. The accessory adapter can be utilised with colorful Cricut pens, and you could even cut and draw as well.

The Explore Air 2 also cuts doubly fast as the initial Cricut Explore Air. This helps it be among the speediest machines you can purchase for your crafting needs.

Cleanly cuts and draws, concurrently
Cricut’s Explore Air 2 is among the best cutters to recommend since it has confirmed its capability to reliably cut all the most frequent materials used for crafts. Simply by setting the material type on the Smart Set dial, you make certain that the machine is established to cut accurately and cleanly.

The machine includes a Premium Fine-Point blade that’s created from German carbide steel. It really is sharper than other cutting blades and is durable enough to provide precision cuts for a long period. However, whenever your cuts begin looking less accurate, among the first things you’ll wish to accomplish is try replacing the blade with a brand new one.

The Explore Air 2 also posseses an accessory adapter that may hold all different colors of Cricut pens, or the scoring stylus (sold separately). With these tools, you can draw, write, and score to create wonderful and unique cards or scrapbooks. The device includes a double tool holder, so that you can cut & draw, or cut & score, simultaneously. Which means you won’t need to replace tools and recheck your settings between passes, that is a real time saver.

The largest drawback of the Explore Air 2 is that it’s somewhat loud. While that is true of most vinyl cutters, I’m reminded whenever I make an effort to make calls while completing a project. You can’t monitor the device without it being heard in the backdrop!

But overall, the Explore Air 2 is excellent at cutting most materials, giving easy, precise cuts. The added overall flexibility from the dual tool holder makes a variety of projects a lot more accessible to you.