The Corsair K70 MK.2 Rapidfire RGB uses Cherry MX Speed (Silver) switches to permit fast responses and low reaction times for competitive gameplay. The K70 MK.2 Rapidfire ticks all of the required boxes for a fairly easy recommend, but at US$170 it isn’t cheap and does require a while to get accustomed to. In this review, we look into what features make the Corsair K70 MK.2 Rapidfire RGB stick out from your competition and see if it merits a consideration as the next gaming keyboard. Black Friday will give you amazing discount, sales, offers, right here.

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Corsair comes with an arsenal of products available in the RGB mechanical keyboards category, beginning with the flagship K95 RGB Platinum to the K65 series. The K70 type of represents the center tier in the lineup and happens to be made up of eight models. Within the K70 MK.2 series itself, there exists a Rapidfire and a Rapidfire Low Profile option. A completely white SE variant of the K70 MK.2 with PBT double-shot key caps can be available. Combine that with various combinations of Cherry MX switches available and you get a great deal of options to select from.

In this review, we can look at the Corsair K70 MK.2 Rapidfire RGB mechanical gaming keyboard. The K70 MK.2 is a successor to the well-received K70 RGB. There aren’t way too many variations in the brand new iteration, however the Rapidfire moniker signifies that Corsair is using the Cherry MX Speed switch option these times. While there is an identical K70 MK.2 Rapidfire Low Profile keyboard that feels similar to a notebook computer keyboard given its shallow key travel, the K70 MK.2 is a full-height model and includes all that you anticipate from a high-end mechanical gaming keyboard. But could it be worth the US$170 price? Let’s find out inside our review.

The Corsair K70 MK.2 Rapidfire offers all you expect from a high-end mechanical gaming keyboard, including per-key RGB backlighting, fully key N-key RollOver, and 100% anti-ghosting. Our K70 MK.2 Rapidfire review unit uses Cherry MX Speed switches, that have a 1.2 mm actuation point and a 45 cN defined force. Although Cherry MX Speed switches became more accessible during Computex 2017, Corsair was the first OEM to utilize them on its keyboards in 2016 because of a time-limited exclusive agreement. Of course, also you can select from among the countless other Cherry MX switch types available.

Corsair says the keyboard includes a polling rate of 1000 Hz. As alluded to in a previous article, while high polling rates are of help for gaming mice, they hardly matter in terms of keyboards. Besides, CPU resources are wasted as a result of frequent polling every millisecond. The K70 MK.2 Rapidfire includes 8 MB of onboard memory that may store up to three onboard profiles. You can configure these profiles in iCUE and load them onto the keyboard’s firmware – perfect when you are carrying it to LAN parties.

Corsair K70 MK.2 Rapidfire specifications. (Source: Corsair)
The look of the K70 MK.2 Rapidfire is similar to almost every other gaming keyboards that you can buy. The 74 standard keys toward the left are in the most common US QWERTY layout. The ABS keys float well above the switches and the main element legends are somewhat broader than normal. Some might not exactly just like the font used however the large letters enable more RGB light to shine through, so that it is purely an individual preference.

There are no additional programmable keys just like the K95 Platinum, which might be of concern to hardcore MOBA gamers. The complete keyboard is supported by an aircraft-grade brushed anodized aluminum baseplate that lends a whole lot of strength and strength to the frame and is among the known reasons for the keyboard’s premium pricing.

Corsair also bundles in extra textured keycaps for FPS/MOBA gamers. The braided USB cable is of high-quality and branches into two daughter cables – one for using the keyboard and the other for USB pass-through devices that you could hook up to the keyboard.

The keyboard settings links are at the top left. The Cherry MX Speed switch allows a good amount of RGB light to shine through.
Towards the very best left, we’ve three non-mechanical keys offering some additional functionality. The to begin these lets you cycle between your kept onboard profiles, the next lets you change the RGB light intensity in three steps or turns it off, and the 3rd is a Windows lock switch that prevents accidental input from the Windows key while gaming. The Windows lock key could be set to lock other key combinations aswell that will tend to be hit unintentionally during extreme gaming, such as for example Shift+Tab, Alt+Tab, and Alt+F4.

Multimedia keys and volume wheel.
Coming to the very best right of the keyboard, we find the most common indicators for the Num, Caps, and Scroll locks and additional on, right above the numpad, we find the mute button, metal volume wheel and dedicated media links. The media links work with virtually all media players, including browsers that interface with Windows media controls. However, these keys won’t work using circumstances such as for example controlling playback of a YouTube video from a lightweight browser, for example.

The backside of the keyboard permits proper cable management.
Lastly, towards the trunk, we see large rubber feet along the edges that help station the keyboard on the desk firmly without slipping. There’s an X-shaped groove which allows for cable management should you be plugging-in devices to the USB pass-through port. There are two foldable feet offering a decent angle for extended hours of comfortable typing.

Corsair offers a wrist rest to help expand enhance typing comfort. However, we sense Corsair must have offered a softer wrist rest just like the one bundled with the K95 Platinum. The included wrist rest is okay generally, however the hard surface could cause a lttle bit of discomfort to the wrists if you spend extended hours typing for a full time income.

The Corsair K70 MK.2 Rapidfire works right from the start when plugged-in to a PC with no need to install any extra software. That said, Corsair’s iCUE offers a whole lot of customization options that may make using the K70 MK.2 Rapidfire a pleasure. With iCUE, you can create macros, remap keys to another layout (Colemak, anyone?), customize a lot of RGB effects, update the firmware, and change polling rates.