When space reaches a premium or you should employ an area for multiple purposes (office, conference room, hot-desk create) then you have to consider choosing the corner desk. These let you use wall space, that may release available space in the center of the room.

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as of January 18, 2022 7:25 pm
as of January 18, 2022 7:25 pm
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Corner desks can be found in various styles, sizes, and finishes. There is a huge number of storage possibilities aswell, from hutches to file drawers. Whatever your need, there’s definitely a corner desk to complement.

Quite a few corner desks certainly are a part of a number of office furniture, and that means you will usually manage to find matching pieces such as for example bookcases, filing cabinets, or other desks and work surfaces.

Limited Space
A corner desk is normally L-shaped, easily fitting in to the corner of any room. The backs of every side of the L have a finished edge, in order that if the desk must be moved in order that among the back edges faces the area, you will still have options concerning precisely how you’d prefer to set the desk up. Our corner desks look attractive at any angle that works in your space.

This may sometimes happen in smaller rooms with large windows, or with doors in several wall.

Often, storage has already been included in a corner desk. In the image below, the desk has both an attractive matching hutch in addition to a filing cabinet. That is another great way to help make the almost all of limited space.

A corner desk doesn’t necessarily limit collaboration. The U-shaped desk below includes a protracted corner island, so that it is a fantastic shared workspace for meetings. In addition, it includes a selection of storage options, including attractive open shelving, two box drawers and a lateral file drawer.

Space & Layout Considerations
It’s always vital that you consider where windows and doors are located when you’re searching for an office desk. It’s a lot more important in a smaller room. Corner desks certainly are a great option for such limited spaces, but it’s still vital that you think about keeping storage options such as for example filing drawers, cabinets or hutches. Most corner desks that include these options are made to be easily configurable in order that everything will fit and seem sensible for just about any available space, but make sure you measure carefully ahead of making a purchase.

Also remember room lighting, including natural lighting from windows. Consider set up desk will fit beneath the windows, or if indeed they should go before them. Also ensure that doors have space to open without hitting the desk (or anyone sitting at it!)

Match Your Space, Match YOUR LOOK
Our corner desks can be found in a number of styles, which match other business furniture items available within the same series from the same manufacturer.

Here’s an excellent exemplory case of the corner desk from above, with matching hutch and filing cabinet, with a separate-but-matching group of drawers left of the hutch.

By matching your corner desk to other furniture items, it’s possible to build out a whole office suite that’s attractive and stylish.

This corner desk has a mini-hutch which can be installed in another of three positions, offering sustained customization of your projects space.

Featured Brands
Furniture Wholesalers offers a broad collection of corner desks in a number of sizes, styles and finishes – and each is backed by manufacturer warranties. Please be aware the dimensions of every desk to guarantee the right fit for your available work place. A corner desk from Furniture Wholesalers can help you get the almost all of your available space and may be the “corner-point” of an extremely attractive matching office suite!