Quick tips
Car seats breakdown into four basic types: Infant child car seats, convertible child car seats, 3-in-1 child car seats and booster seats.
Infant child car seats offer rear-facing comfort and security for newborns to babies up to 30 pounds roughly.
Convertible car seats can be utilised rear-facing for infants and forward-facing for older toddlers.
3-in-1 child car seats grow together with your child up to booster-seat stage, at age 4.
Booster seats are for use with a seatbelt by children aged 4 or more.
All child car seats sold today are held to the same safety standards by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, however, many aim to beat with additional side impact protection or parent-proof latching systems.
Make sure to read your vehicle seat manual carefully, taking particular note of official height and weight limits for your seat, plus other safety need-to-knows. Follow the installation instructions accurately as displayed in your manual.
Know your options. Have a look at our roundup of Best CHILD CAR SEATS, Best Convertible CHILD CAR SEATS and Best Infant CHILD CAR SEATS.

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What things to consider when investing in a car seat
All child car seats sold today meet safeness standards – that ought to make shopping for child car seats simple, right? Well, almost. You’ll also want to consider factors such as for example your budget, your life style, your loved ones plans and even how big is your vehicle. Your answers to the next questions should help to make the decision a less strenuous one.

How long do you intend to use it?
Safety-wise, the smartest guess is by using a rear-facing seat so long as possible. But if space and budget are concerns, then it can be wise to choose convertible seat for long-term use, especially because so many modern convertibles offer extended rear-facing use (up to 40 pounds or even more).

How much room have you got?
Some child car seats are much bigger than others – and if you’re driving a smaller vehicle, they are often a good squeeze. Measure your space (and consider other passengers) before you get, so you understand that you have sufficient room for carseat – and baby – to match comfortably.

Do you need multiple car seat?
If you as well as your partner drive separate vehicles, you might assume you desire a car seat for every single vehicle. If a schedules and coordination allow it, you could instead buy one carseat which can be moved between cars as needed. If you go this route, choose a seat that’s simple to install and un-install, and relatively lightweight, so it is simple to make the switch. If you are you start with a rear-facing infant carseat that snaps right into a base, another option could be to buy a supplementary base and only investing in a supplementary seat.

How lightweight does your vehicle seat must be?
Some parents will install the automobile seat and leave it set up for the complete two to five years their baby will use it. Nevertheless, you may desire a more mobile option if you are planning to utilize the same seat in several vehicle, or if you want the choice of carrying the infant in the automobile seat – or snapping the automobile seat right into a compatible stroller. In the event that you plan to move your vehicle seat a lot, search for a choice with a ergonomically designed handle and a smaller, lighter footprint: Seats can weigh in at a manageable 10 pounds or a far more heavyweight 20 to 30 – and that’s not counting baby’s weight!

Is stroller compatibility important?
If you’re on the run a lot, you might desire a carseat that’s simple to snap right into a stroller. One option is purchasing a travel system with a child carseat, then eventually upgrading to a convertible seat. Most travel systems contain the stroller and an easily attachable carseat – either with an adapter or a fairly easy one-click connection – and could give you a price break since you’re buying both together.

Option two is to get an automobile seat and a stroller which can be linked using an adapter piece. If you’re enthusiastic about a stroller that isn’t quite newborn compatible (with a bassinet or deep recline to aid a fresh baby’s neck and squishy body), infant carseat adapters are for sale to several stroller brands – execute a search for “carseat adapter” as well as your stroller. This option enables you to use your regular stroller from day one, then keep using it once baby outgrows the newborn car seat.

Another option: a snap-and-go stroller frame – essentially a couple of wheels for a child rear-facing carseat. These have a tendency to be cheaper and smaller, but remember, baby will outgrow this program relatively quickly.

Health and safety first! And foremost.
Browse the manual and follow installation instructions to make certain your vehicle seat is appropriately installed and secure for baby. Ensure that your baby fits the height and weight guidelines on the automobile seat, and replace the seat or switch it to another stage as needed. (Some parents even set “check carseat” reminders within their phones to coincide with their child’s first four birthdays!) And understand that even though many babies are lulled to sleep by a ride in the automobile seat, an automobile seat isn’t a safe place for extended sleep – so make certain to transfer your sleeping baby to a crib or bassinet once they’re out of your car.

Carseat safety standards to learn
If you’re searching for an automobile seat, safety has already been top of mind. The good thing is, all child car seats sold today are held to the same safety standards, plus some car seat models beat with additional features, such as for example side impact protection or parent-proof latching systems. It’s vital that you search for certain requirements when buying your vehicle seat – then carefully follow guidelines to make certain you’re installing and using it properly. Listed below are the safety factors to take into account when choosing and making use of your car seat.