The Concept 2 rowing machine is a good indoor rower on the market. Concept 2’s machines are durable, simple to use, and devastating with regards to working out hard.

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Last updated on June 24, 2022 8:33 pm

Usually whenever choosing between fitness gear brands, the decision is difficult to choose which product gets the best features, construction, etc…

With regards to rowing, Concept 2 makes the very best rower available to buy.

Simply put, the idea 2 Model D Rower is best indoor rowing machine for CrossFit-style workouts, together with pure rowing workouts.

HOW COME Are Concept 2 Rowing Machines THE VERY BEST?
Concept 2 may be the gold standard for indoor rowing machines. They have over 40 years experience designing and building workout equipment that can be utilised by novices, world-class athletes, or anybody among.

Therefore we think this can be a best indoor rower – especially the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower. It’s our recommended model for use your own house or in the garage. It’s compact (requires only 9 x 4 feet of space), ergonomically designed, and pulls smooth.

Also – in the event that you anticipate doing the CrossFit Open 2019 workouts – THE IDEA 2 rower may be the only acceptable kind of rower – Xebex and other brands aren’t accepted.

In fact, the 1st Open workout for 2019 (19.1) required an idea 2 rower. So there’s an extended history useful in Crossfit. It’s also the rower that is used at the Games each year.

Benefits of Using an inside Rowing Machine
If you’re researching rowing machines, you then probably know about the benefits associated with using one. I’ll recap them here though:

•Low Impact Cardio:

Rowing lets you get yourself a cardiovascular workout in without the deterioration of pounding the pavement. With a rower, you just glide backwards and forwards on the device. It’s easy on your own joints while also challenging your heart. I’d also mention that it’s fairly low-skill to discover how to row, especially in comparison to swimming (the other main kind of low impact cardio) which is commonly very technical.


Using an inside rower gives you a complete body work out. Other cardio machines, such as for example an elliptical or bike, work only your legs. Not with the Concept2 rower, it works your complete body, from your own legs to your back. That is a win-win since it works your heart, in addition to providing some muscle stimulus (especially in your back and arms).

•Training Variety:

Indoor rowing machines let you engage in large selection of workout styles. Wish to accomplish high intensity intensive training (HIIT) for weight loss? The Concept2 has your back. Interesting in slow steady state cardio to build your endurance? THE IDEA 2 can do this too. It’s great at any modality, whether long and slow or short and fast.

•The Concept 2 MAY BE THE Gold Standard

If you anticipate doing Crossfit-style workouts, in that case your going to want an idea 2 Model D rower. Most Crossfit workouts that involve rowing were made to be done with an idea 2 machine. The model D may be the machine that can be used at the Crossfit Games, together with what is necessary for Crossfit Open workouts. If you intend to compete in Crossfit (or just to compare times), you’re likely to want a C2 rower.

Concept 2 Model D Features:
As the leading indoor rowing machine, the Model D includes a variety of features which make it stick out from its competitors. Here are a number of the key features of the idea 2 Model D:

Durable CONSTRUCTION – Concept 2 machines are designed to last and require minimal maintenance. They are created with top quality materials, you really can feel the product quality when you can get on the machine. Furthermore, C2 stand behind their machines, each machine includes a 2 year total warrantee and a 5 year frame warranty. A C2 rower is definitely the last rower you will ever have to buy. With my heavy personal make use of a C2 rower, I could assure you that you’ll have minimal upkeep issues. These machines are made to be used.
PM5 Monitor – The PM5 computer performance monitor (which comes standard on the Model D) tracks and displays your entire workout data – Strokes EACH AND EVERY MINUTE (SPM), Time, Distance, Power Output, Calories burned, and more. You may also use various plugins to pull your computer data from the monitor and track your progress. C2 even comes with an online community where you could connect to fellow rowing aficionados.
Easy, Compact Storage – The C2 rower easily folds up for convenient storage, this helps it be ideal for home fitness space owners with tight gym space. In addition, it has wheels which permit you to easily move it around your gym. That is a significant benefit as rowers on the whole take up a sizable footprint, especially in home fitness space settings.
Perfectly Designed Ergonomics – Rowing machines could be tough to get comfortable on. Not with the idea 2! At 6’3” I’ve had the opportunity to row alongside persons a foot shorter than me without problem. The glide rails and seat fit properly suit every sized body
Holds Its Value/Easy TO MARKET – Concept 2 rowers are incredibly simple to sell (whether it’s via Craigslist or FB Marketplace). In addition they hold their value very well. It’s not unusual for a 5 year old C2 rower to market for $200 significantly less than the price of a fresh one. They are durable, reputable machines!
Concept 2 in addition has created an excellent onlnie community for his or her users. They have the idea 2 Online Logbook that allows you to record and compare your rowing workouts. The Logbook also enables you to compare your workout on C2’s other products, their SkiErg and BikeErg.

You can keep an eye on your meters covered, analyze your progress, be a part of challenges, and compare against others worldwide. You can also find an online training partner!

WHERE YOU CAN Buy A Rowing Machine
There are lots of stores that sell Concept 2 Model D and Model E Rowers. Irrespective of where you buy, the merchandise is definitely the same, therefore the key thing is to consider convenience and free shipping when buying.

Unfortunately, C2 rowers never continue sale, because of the fact that Concept 2 owns a significant part of the indoor rower market. Regardless of the insufficient deals, it’s an excellent product. A C2 rower will probably be worth every penny.

Since there are no special deals to be enjoyed (even on Black Friday!), the easiest way to buy an idea 2 rower is on Amazon. Amazon includes free, fast shipping, aswell a lenient return policy and excellent customer support.

I usually recommend making big gym purchases (when possible) through Amazon. They do the very best job to getting the shipment out quickly, plus they minimize most shipping & handling issues.

As a note, if you do see a site popup that’s offering hundreds off a fresh Concept 2 rower, run! There were many scam sites over time that contain popped up selling C2 rowers. They have all been found to be frauds.

If you prefer a new Concept 2 rower, bite the bullet and get genuine from an established website (like Amazon).

If you are attempting to save a few bucks, you can search for a used one, see below for additional information about how exactly to get a used Concept 2 indoor rower.

HOW EXACTLY TO Buy A Used Concept 2 Rower
Investing in a used indoor rower is a fantastic option if you’re on a budget. The C2 rower is a durable fitness machine – on the secondary market, any lightly used machine, such as for example in a home or garage gym gets the potential to be always a good deal.

I recommend keeping track of Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist for an idea 2 rower – you’ll occasionally see them accessible in your neighborhood. Be warned, Concept 2 machines have a tendency to sell quickly, particularly if it’s much. I recommend establishing search alerts (on Marketplace and Craigslist) for keywords such as for example “concept 2”, “rowing machine”, that way you’ll be the first ever to know whenever a new rower arises for sale in your neighborhood.

Here’s a guide how to create search alerts on Facebook Marketplace. Here’s how exactly to do it for Craigslist.

Getting a good deal on a used Concept 2 rowing machine isn’t easy, nonetheless it can be done. I’ve personally seen machines sell for $300-$500 in my own area. Deal are out there, you merely need to be patient to see them. And if you visit a deal, join it right away!