• Longevity-fits babies 4 to 30 pounds
• Easy to install
• Comfortable padding
• Easy to wash

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as of May 16, 2022 7:25 am
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• On the heavy side

Bottom Line
If you’re searching for an easy-to-install infant carseat you don’t need to think about, the one which works as a travel system together with your stroller and can carry baby to toddlerhood, the Chicco KeyFit 30 will suit you perfectly.

Rating: 4.5 stars

Buy it: Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant CARSEAT, $200,

Before baby no. 2 arrived, I’d heard that 1) most parents install their baby’s carseat incorrectly, putting them at risk for injury, and 2) Chicco KeyFit 30 really was simple to install. THEREFORE I was sold immediately. I was a lot more sold when my buddy and sister-in-law passed down my nephew’s KeyFit 30 to us-it was what I had been likely to buy! ( Ed Note: We’re all for reusing and recycling, however when it comes to child car seats, you’re much safer buying new. If you do want to go with a used one, be sure to be sure it’s never been recalled, that it isn’t past its expiration date, and that you will get it from someone you trust who can let you know whether it’s ever experienced a crash.)

The 30 in the name identifies the utmost weight limit (in pounds) that the KeyFit can take. When used with the newborn insert, it accommodates babies less than four pounds, etc the scale of infant carseat longevity, this one is obviously on top of the list. To place it into perspective, my 18-month-old isn’t quite 30 pounds yet, so that’s a year . 5 of use.

Features just like the RideRight bubble level indicators, which can be found on both sides of the bottom, help ensure the bottom of the seat is easily and accurately installed at the correct angle. It’s found in conjunction with the ReclineSure spring-assisted leveling foot, again guaranteeing the seat is safely adjusted. A five-point harness with easy one-hand tightening and a push button chest clip keep baby secure. Plus, the cushioned seat is lined with energy-absorbing foam for extra safety and comfort.

The only feature I wish was different on the KeyFit may be the sun canopy. There’s a supplementary sun visor that pulls out from within the canopy, but I still believe that my son’s legs get an excessive amount of sun in the backseat of the automobile or while he’s in the stroller.

The KeyFit 30 definitely lives up to its reputation to be simple to install. You just take both LATCH connectors on the automobile seat base, clip them in to the LATCH connectors of your vehicle and then tighten the guts pull belt (they call it the SuperCinch One-pull LATCH Tightener to be exact). Admittedly, I’m sort of a weakling, so setting it up tight enough requires a fair amount of effort on my part, but it’s really straightforward. Two buttons on the sides of the bottom permit you to tilt the seat until it’s level, indicated by the RideRight bubbles mentioned previously. (If you needed to, you can even install the base making use of your vehicle seat belt or install the automobile seat without the bottom.)

When you put the seat over the bottom, it clicks directly into place to help you hear that it’s linked properly. (I had an automobile seat during the past that was sometimes difficult for connecting, which means this was such a good change.) To unlock it from the bottom, just pull the handle behind the seat and take the seat out from the car.

To create our very own travel system, we used our KeyFit 30 with a Baby Jogger City Mini GT stroller. The automobile seat works with with most Chicco strollers, like the Bravo, Cortina Magic, Urban and TRE, but since we’d a different brand, we’d to get and use an automobile seat adapter. That was no big deal; it had been just one single extra step (taking the adapter on / off) and required a teeny little more space in the trunk. THE TOWN Mini stroller with the KeyFit 30 was just a little top heavy and big, nonetheless it fit just fine. Sometimes I simply had to double-check that the seat was clicked properly in to the stroller. While on holiday, we also used the KeyFit 30 with a Baby Trend Snap-N-Go, plus they worked quite nicely together. (The KeyFit is a superb universal carseat that adapts to a huge amount of other brands aswell, like UPPAbaby, Bugaboo, Joovy, BOB and Britax, to mention a few).

I liked the fact which you can use the KeyFit 30 up to 30 pounds, but realistically you won’t manage to make utilization of it as a carrier completely until that weight limit. While my son does still easily fit into it at 1 . 5 years, we haven’t found the complete seat with him in it since he was about 9 months old. The seat itself is merely under 10 pounds (17 pounds with the bottom). Increase that your growing baby’s weight, and try carrying baby in the automobile seat by using a one-handed grip-it’s no easy feat!

As I mentioned, our KeyFit 30 was a hand-me-down and a year . 5 after acquiring it, it’s still going strong. It has some stains on the strap and we’re using off-brand strap pads since we lost the originals, but there’s really no deterioration on the seat.

The KeyFit 30 isn’t too exciting with regards to looks. But seriously, it’s an automobile seat and it’s okay with me if it’s less about form and more about function. Although fabric we have can be an older gray geometric pattern, there are nine fabric options in brighter colors and trendier patterns you can select from.

We used the newborn insert to safeguard his head for a long time because it appeared to be much better than letting his head tilt aside at all times. The fabric appears very comfortable for my son-he often falls asleep in the seat. On top of that, you may take the fabric off the seat and machine wash it, which, as any parent who has used an automobile seat before knows, is an essential feature.

You seriously can’t fail with the Chicco KeyFit 30. There’s reasonable it’s regularly rated among the top child car seats on the market. It can be no-frills, but who needs frills? You will want safe seat that isn’t likely to take you one hour to set up and that doesn’t slow you down when you’re on the run. With the KeyFit, y