If you’re scanning this guide this means you already understand the value of experiencing a jump starter in the trunk of your vehicle or under your seat in the event of a battery mishap while on the highway.

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Last updated on December 21, 2021 6:30 am

After scanning this guide, you’ll really know what features and specs to consider before buying a lightweight battery booster in order to make an informed purchase and get yourself a product that is appropriate for your vehicle.

  1. Kind of jump starter – lithium-ion or lead-acid?
    Despite being small and compact, usually do not underestimate the energy of lithium jump starters. These exact things are tiny but incredibly powerful, some models are even with the capacity of jump-starting an 18-wheeler truck! Moreover, lithium batteries have an extended lifespan and retain their charge for longer you should definitely in use.

Lead-acid jump starters are big and heavy simply as a result of the old battery technology they employ but do not get fooled, bigger isn’t better with regards to jump starters. In most cases, these models aren’t even lightweight given that they can way up to 40 pounds.

To find out more on the difference between your two types of jump starters visit our complete guide on the difference between lithium and lead-acid jump starters.

Recommendation: Turn to buy a jump starter with reduced quality lithium-ion battery. Lead-acid batteries are heavy, non-portable, discharge quickly and retain their charge poorly.

  1. Battery size and voltage – 6v, 12v or 24v?
    Various kinds of vehicles have different battery sizes and voltages, that’s why it’s vital that you find the appropriate jump starter for whatever vehicle you’re seeking to kick-start.

Normal jump starters will typically focus on batteries which range from 6 to 12 volts while industrial-grade kinds suitable for medium and large trucks can rise to 24 volts.

Remember that jump starters can be utilised for nearly any vehicle with a battery, from vehicles to motorcycles, watercraft, snowmobiles, and lawnmowers.

Almost all cars, pickups, and SUVs operate on 12-volt batteries while smaller vehicles like motorcycles sport 6-volt batteries.

Recommendation: Check your battery’s voltage to be able to buy a product which will work on your automobile. For those who have a motorcycle and an automobile, look for models which may have adjustable voltage settings.

  1. Size & kind of engine – 4, 6 or 8 cylinders? Gas or diesel?
    The size and type engine your automobile has is an essential component of deciding on the best jump starter for your vehicle. Vehicles with bigger engines have bigger batteries and diesel engines require larger batteries than gas engines.

As such, you will desire a better jump starter regarding cranking current (amps) for those who have a bigger engine or assuming you have a diesel engine. Utilizing a less powerful car battery booster on a major car only will not work regardless of just how many times you try.

The table below summarizes just how much power you’ll dependence on your engine size and type.

Gasoline Engine Diesel Engine
4-cylinder 150-250 amps 300-450 amps
6-cylinder 250-350 amps 450-600 amps
8-cylinder 400-550 amps 600-750 amps
Take into account that this table isn’t perfect as a result of another essential aspect, the depth of discharge. A battery that is merely halfway discharged will demand much less power when compared to a battery that’s completely discharged.

If your 4-cylinder car battery, for instance, is completely discharged, you might desire a jump starter suitable for a larger car to get the automobile going. This isn’t necessarily as a result of a minimal quality or defective jump starter but instead because of your battery’s health.

New jump starters are smart enough to inject the ideal amount of power predicated on your battery’s size so, you won’t need to worry about damaging your battery with a more robust device.

Recommendation: Check your car’s engine size and type to make certain the jump starter you get should be able to jump-start your vehicle. We always recommend obtaining a more powerful someone to be on the safe side.

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  1. Safety features
    Did you know some jump starters are safer than others? Quality jump starters should come with reverse polarity, overcharge and short circuit protection, anti-spark technology together with back-feed protection.

Unfortunately, about three-quarters of jump starters available to buy have a limited amount of the safety features or none whatsoever. You’ll want to search for a jump starter with a good jumper cable module, that will guarantee each one of these features can be found and keeping you safe.

Coping with jump starters without key safety features is similar to using booster cables, they might be a power or fire hazard if not used properly.

Recommendation: Choose a jump starter with smart jumper cables for reverse polarity, anti-spark, and over-current and back-feed protection.

  1. Quality of jumper cables
    Building on the prior point, quality jumper cables aren’t only dependant on their safety features but on the length, quality of cable material & most importantly, the product quality and material of the clamps.

First off, as stated above, you intend to find cables that include a good module, this will ensure a lot of safety features include your vehicle battery booster. Further, the smart module will let you know if so when you are properly linked to the battery so when you are good to get started on your engine.

Next, you want to be sure the cables will be long enough for your vehicle. On some cars, the negative and positive battery terminal could be quite far apart, requiring longer than normal jumper cables. However, they are usually within a few inches of the other person as well as your average cables can do just fine.

Lastly, the product quality and material of the clamps. You ideally want to search for a copper-coated pair with a good and dense base metal. This will make sure you get great results, proper current flow, and solid connectivity.

Recommendation: Get yourself a jump starter that is included with booster cables with a good module, long enough cables for your automobile and copper coated clamps.

  1. Multifunction features and further accessories
    Lithium-ion jump starters often feature a whole couple of extra nifty features and functions. Being truly a battery at its core, lightweight jump starters double as lightweight costs for your electronics aswell.

Many of these extra features include flashlights, a number of USB ports to charge your electronics on the run, a compass, a crisis hammer, an LCD screen, an air compressor option, plus some even have a wireless charging pad for all those latest phones and gadgets.

Recommendation: Choose a jump starter with a flashlight, an LCD screen, at least one USB port, and an air compressor. Flashlights and USB charging ports can be found in useful frequently, an LCD screen can help manage your device better and the air compressor may easily save the day in the event of an emergency.

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide and that it can help you make an informed and worthwhile purchase.

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