Since 1957, Bunn-o-Matic Company has been around drinks, 60-years experience in the production of lasting, reliable products. Many firsts are traceable to BUNN as a leader in the market.

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They used the brewing method mostly found in commercial equipment for the very first time. With this method, a whole pot of warm water is poured in order that an optimal extraction and a solid cup of coffee could be ensured.

However, while BUNN is definitely a first-class business, it has additionally developed the best, quickest & most durable, home coffee makers within the last decade. In the merchandise line of BUNN, you won’t find cheap Keurig plastic machines. It’s not really a long shot. Nor is BUNN progressive definitely finished.
BUNN link technology provides superior brewing and extraction for remote use monitoring. Which is merely the end of the proverbial iceberg. You can’t fail with a BUNN coffeemaker for home or business applications.

Top 3 BUNN Commercial Coffee Makers:

  1. BUNN Infusion Series Automatic Brewer:
    Best commercial make use of the product is large self-service halls such as for example cafeterias. My office’s cafeteria must support 2,000 employees who work in the shops each day. Since this model brews 11,9 liters (45 liters) of coffee one hour, you can observe why the BUNN Infusion Series has been selected.

With BUNN’s pre-infusion ‘Brew WISE’ intelligence and pulsing brawl, you get the utmost extraction of your coffee grounds. I could attest that this is merely about the best standard mass coffeemaker that might be, as a person who consumes cafe in one of these behemoths each day.
This model is technically BUNN link compatible. No, that’s not really a new Dating application- it’s the monitoring program of BUNN’s machine to machine. The BUNN link transfers your use data for monitoring and analysis to BUNN and permits BUNN and their service technology to boost customer service.

That one requires plumbing unlike both other commercial models proven here:

20-90 psi (138-521 kPa)
Given 3/8′′ male flare fitting
It really is adapted to dual voltage with 120V/15 or 208-240V/20 amplification. The 120V model takes a 120V single phase, 60 Hz, 2 wires plus ground service rating. Allowing you to connect to a 3 wire plus ground an interior terminal block is configured. It’s enormous at 48 lbs, but somewhere you get the machine of the weight you want. This machine proudly boasts the superbly top quality in stainless steel.


Appropriate for Remote Use Monitoring BUNN link
An enormous water tank of 3-gallon capacity
Stainless frame and interior

Doesn’t have an airpot
Will not operate above a height of 5000 feet

  1. BUNN VP17-1SS:
    BUNN VP17-1SS is most well suited for commercial purposes that require not be served simultaneously by massive levels of coffee -like dining establishments and restaurants.

Is that indeed the case? It took about quarter-hour for me personally to heat up a sizable 3.0-L airport in my own testing. You must wait another quarter-hour to brew another one! BUNN states that up to 3.8 gallons (14.8 liters) each hour break this machine.

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You need to sequence your brews so diligently you don’t miss one second to get BUNN’s full 14.8 liters of coffee each hour. You will likely brew 12 liters each hour more realistically. The VP17-1SS isn’t given the decanters, nonetheless it works together with every standard 64 oz decanter, just like the a great many other commercial coffee producers. They might be on the Amazon for approximately $10-$15.

The heating dish is incredibly heated, so it’s simple enough to keep your coffee warm, nevertheless, you should make certain you don’t leave there for lengthy, not even half a pot.


Fully lightweight without the necessity of plumbing.
Stainless steel construction.
High-quality hot coffee provider.
Won’t collapse that easily.

Does not include Decanters
Will battle to brush announced 14.8 L one hour
Can not work above five thousand feet of height
No on and off switch

    Best business use: The VPR-APS is exquisite for moderate coffee hot for self-service applications in coffee bars, hotels, and small office break rooms.

BUNN is compact and fully portable, commercial brewer. The BUNN airpots range between 1.9-3.0 L (0.50-0.79 gal) however the airpot serving containers are sadly not contained in the price indicated. The container is up to $45-$50.
The VPR-APS withstands the state to be moved around but is quite robust with a durable stainless structure. The weight of 29 lb is higher than that of BUNN’s 24-lb commercial brewer, which produces typical 64 oz pot, as the above VP17-1SS.

Overall, a high-quality and durable construction makes the BUNN VPR-APS a major choice. Just make certain the quantity of coffee you will need is maintained.


Durable ‘Stainless Steel’ structure.
Brews up to 3.0 L (0.80 gallons) of high coffee within a batch.
Weighs just 29 lbs. So easily lightweight and self-contained.
2-years warranty.

Airpots aren’t included.
Struggles to keep up braw of 14.8L.
Doesn’t work above 5000 feet.
BUNN coffeemaker is progressively like the Iphone of coffee producers. They do seem to be as if they cost a fairly penny forthright. Regardless, when contrasted with the existing models available, the long stretches of administration and smooth usefulness of BUNN brewers make sure they are not as expensive because they look.