BUNKBEDS for Kids: Size, Material and Storage

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  1. Bunk Bed Size
    Selecting the best size of bunkbed means considering your child’s age, height and bedroom space.

What are the typical bunk bed sizes?

The Twin over Twin bunkbed: One Twin bed at the top, one Twin bed on underneath, the Twin over Twin is a favorite choice for, well, twins!
The Twin over Full bunkbed: One Twin bed at the top, one Full bed on underneath, the Twin over Full is simply perfect for the older child who shares a bedroom with a younger sibling.
THE ENTIRE over Full bunkbed: One Full bed at the top, one Full bed on underneath, the entire over Full gives two small kids the bed space they are able to grow into.
The Twin loft: One Twin bed at the top and space for a desk, storage or other bedroom necessity on underneath, the clever design of a Twin loft maximizes space however you like.
How much space in the event you leave between the bunkbed and ceiling? Before you select a bunk bed, ensure that your ceiling is high enough for just one; there must be at least 30 inches from the most notable bunk to the ceiling.

How thick should a bunkbed mattress be? You don’t desire a special mattress for a bunkbed. Just make certain the mattress and bed size match (a Twin mattress is going in a Twin bunk, etc).

Paying attention to the facts – like bunkbed size, material, and space for storage – will help make sure your children get the very best quality bunk bed possible.

  1. Bunk Bed Material
    For bunkbed safety, adhere to sturdy, durable materials that won’t deteriorate as time passes.

What are the typical bunkbed materials? For ultimate safety, each bunkbed is crafted from wood – including strong ponderosa pine, birch plywood and cedar.

What is the bunkbed weight limit? Although it varies from model to model, the weight convenience of a Twin over Twin is often within 150 pounds – and 400 pounds for a Twin over Full and Full over Full.

Which may be the safest type of bunkbed? Each of the bunkbeds inside our collection is Children’s Product certified, this means it complies with the federal Consumer Product Safety standards. Whether it’s a bunkbed, loft bed, Twin, or Full (or something among), you can rest easy realizing that the product quality wood construction of every bunk bed is strong and durable, and meets optimum standards of safety for your son or daughter.

  1. Bunk Bed Storage
    Save space and keep tidy with bunkbed designs featuring desks, drawers and chests.

What is a bunkbed with desk? A bunkbed with desk will most likely include a loft bunk design with an integral desk along the medial side panel. Variations likewise incorporate two desks (one on each side).

Exactly what is a loft bed with storage? A loft bed, or a bunkbed with out a bottom bunk, often includes built-in space for storage, including shelving and drawers.

Exactly what is a stairway chest? In a bunk or loft bed, a typical ladder could be replaced with a stairway chest – having a stairway design with spacious pull-out drawers among each step.

The Best BUNKBED Types for YOUR KIDS

Get familiar with the designs and basic functions of every bunk bed type

Standard Bunk Bed. The typical bunk bed includes a sleek silhouette – simply one bed over the other – so that it is ideal for rooms small on space.
Loft Bed. While a loft bed is normally a bunk bed with out a bottom bunk, some attic beds also feature caster beds – a rollout bed mounted beneath the top bunk.
Trundle BUNKBED. The trundle bunkbed is a standard bunkbed with a third trundle mattress within the bottom bunk – and which is often pulled out anytime for a convenient third bed.
BUNKBEDS with Storage to Keep Organized

  1. Storage Bunk Bed
    A kids classic, the storage bunkbed will most likely feature pull-out drawers within the bottom bunk – as well as between your steps on the stairway!
  2. Loft Storage Bed
    Loft storage bed: The loft storage bed takes space for storage seriously: with stairway chests, counter space and shelving, the loft storage is similar to a closet and bed, all wrapped into one.
  3. Loft Desk
    With desks and drawers included in the medial side paneling, the spiffy loft desk gives kids a convenient destination to study and a comfy destination to sleep – all while maximizing bedroom space.

BUNKBEDS: Stairs vs. Ladders
While each bunkbed ladder was created with durable wood for children’s safety, youngsters who might not exactly have full confidence with climbing a ladder can reap the benefits of a stairway chest – which not merely fills in the gaps between steps for easy navigation but also provides spacious storage for an effortless way to keep tidy.

5 Signs YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER Is Ready for the most notable Bunk
Here’s how exactly to tell whenever your children could be ready for a bunkbed.

Your child reaches least six years old.
Six years is definitely the minimum age for the most notable bunk, as children who are any younger might not exactly yet have the abilities necessary for safe navigation.
Your son or daughter adheres to safety rules. Before deciding on a bunk bed, consult with your son or daughter what the bunkbed is for, and make certain she demonstrates a knowledge of rules of safety.
Your son or daughter can confidently climb up (and down). Confidence is key in terms of safety, so if your son or daughter can climb along the bunkbed ladder without hesitation, she could be ready for the most notable bunk.
Your son or daughter is potty-trained. Nighttime accidents are no fun – particularly if they occur at the top bunk. Wait until your son or daughter is potty-trained, night and day, to make sure a seamless bunkbed transition.
Your child might use the bed room space. Children need their space, especially those that share an area with a younger sibling. If another bed and other furniture pieces are crowding a tiny area, a high bunk may be precisely what she needs to start her bedroom space – and effortlessly refresh her style.