Brother PE770 Review
Manufactured by Brother, among the best-known makers of sewing and embroidery machines on the globe, the Brother PE770 embroidery machine can be an impressive machine that is included with an array of prime features that produce the embroidery process as seamless as possible. Featuring over 130 built-in designs and six letter fonts, this machine is the right choice for embellishing anything from clothing to home décor. The device can be highly customizable, which can often be very important to the avid embroiderer since it allows them to utilize nearly unlimited design options.

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Last updated on May 17, 2022 2:23 am

Overall performance

The Brother PE770 can be an embroidery-only machine, which ensures that you won’t manage to do any sewing with it. Many users who are into embroidery are buying a standalone machine that does the work great and has multiple functions that you may not have the ability to find on combo machines. The device has plenty of features that go well and beyond the essential ones, to get stitches that look professional. Many users mentioned that the embroidery machine performs needlessly to say with a variety of fabrics, which range from cotton and silk to thicker fabrics such as for example denim.

The inbuilt LCD screen permits you to adapt your designs to the project accessible easily – flip, rotate, and resize as necessary to obtain the image just right. Utilize the provided USB port to import your designs, or insert a Brother embroidery card for usage of a huge selection of available design options.

In general, with a high speed of 650 stitches each and every minute, this machine works smoothly and quickly, and effortlessly embroiders any design you might come up with, this could be considered one of the better Brother sewing machines.

Ease of use
The Brother PE770 is quite user-friendly and it doesn’t take too much time to get accustomed with most of its features. Since it has multiple features and functions that are ideal for beginners, the training curve isn’t a steep one with tis machine. The embroidery machine comes filled with a comprehensive manual that may guide you through all of the functions to get started on your own embroidery projects immediately. Moreover, functions including the computerized needle threader make it simple to sew any design you want without babysitting the device too much.

Embroidery speed
With an embroidery speed of 650 stitches each and every minute, the Brother PE770 is preferable to the average machine and you could expect it to complete any designs it may seem of very quickly. You can even change the embroidery speed of the device on the settings screen on the procedure panel, in order to utilize the right number of stitches each and every minute required by the sort of fabric or thread you utilize for your project.

Embroidery area
The 5 x 7-inch embroidery section of the Brother PE770 permits you to create large designs. Due to generous embroidery space, you can incorporate designs and never have to rehoop systematically, and there’s a large amount of room designed for any sort of design, regardless of how basic or extensive. Some users mentioned that as the embroidery area is a huge one, you might find yourself struggling in terms of extra-large projects such as for example quilts or embroidering on a blanket.

The machine includes 136 embroidery designs and you could select from an array of florals, scrollwork and quilt patterns. Moreover, you may use the USB port to import your own designs you created on your pc. The Brother PE770 can be appropriate for the built-in embroidery cards available from Brother, which can be found to buy separately if you want to add more variety to your assortment of designs. The six letter fonts make it simple to create an endless selection of monograms for your entire projects.

LCD display
The Brother PE770 includes a backlit LCD touchscreen display which offers great visibility at 1.4 x 2.4 inches. The screen enables you to quickly navigate through the many features and settings of the device, which boosts your precision when embroidering. The large LCD display is touchscreen, which means you don’t need to fiddle with any knobs or button to navigate through the settings. The LCD screen also offers backlighting to boost visibility.

This embroidery machine features two LEDs to obtain better illumination whatever period or night you choose to work on work. According to users, both LEDs are enough to use the machine during the night even in suprisingly low light.

Dimensions and weight
The dimensions of the Brother PE770 are 16.77” (length) x 21.26” (width) x 17.28” (height). This ensures that the machine includes a footprint that means it is ideal for virtually any table or desk, as you don’t need extra space to support it. The weight of the device is 26.9 pounds, so that you can more it around not too difficult, which comes in convenient if you want to store it or possibly take it to classes.

Extra accessories
The Brother PE770 includes a collection of extra accessories which can help you make the almost all of its functions and features. A few of the main accessories you could be prepared to receive with this embroidery machine add a 5 x 7-inch embroidery hoop, a dust cover, embroidery arm and an accessory bag which includes a needle set, seam ripper, two screwdrivers, a cleaning brush, three spool caps, three bobbins and some scissors.

This machine could be a lttle bit expensive for somebody who is merely buying machine to check the waters in terms of embroidery. However, it includes excellent affordability for hobbyists and enthusiasts who would like to experience embroidery on among the finest machines out there. Many reviewers mentioned that the features you get with this machine are usually expected to be entirely on higher-end models.

Key features
The Brother PE770 comes filled with an array of intuitive key features, made to improve your embroidery experience. They include:

Auto Thread Trimmer

That is a function that basically saves your time because you don’t need to worry about when to slice the threads as you progress – the device does it all for you personally at the proper time. What’s better still is that the auto thread trimmer is simple to operate and will come in very helpful when juggling multiple projects.

Large Embroidery Field

The 5 x 7-inch embroidery field gives you all the space you should tackle larger projects, that makes it an excellent choice for quilting. Also you can expand on your own embroidery approaches for tote bags, jackets, or other styles of projects that want a more substantial working area than usual. While this is simply not the major embroidery field you can get that you can buy, it’s still ideal for those buying bigger than average one.

Automatic Needle Threader

The auto head trimmer helps it be simple to have both lower and upper threads cut for you personally with a straightforward touch of the button. This reduces enough time spent coping with a sizable number of threads and eliminates the opportunity of earning thread mistakes aswell.

Large Selection of Built-in Designs

As it comes with 136 pre-programmed design and six lettering fonts, the Brother PE770 offers an array of both traditional and modern designs to match all tastes. You may also pick from 12 border styles and 10 frame shapes, and upload your own designs.

Quick-Set Bobbin

A quick-set bobbin enables you to pull the thread through the slot soon after dropping the bobbin in order to start embroidering immediately. And because of the fact that the bobbin system of the machine features jam-resistant technology, you’re sure to get regular quality on your own stitches.

iBroidery Compatible

This embroidery machine works with with all the current downloadable embroidery designs available from, such as a multitude of limited-edition designs created by Brother, as well as a selection of qualified characters from Disney or Nickelodeon.

Built-in Memory

Because of this feature, you can import all of the designs you get online or create yourself and store them in to the machine for future use. An integral embroidery card slot can be available if you need to test out designs from Brother embroidery cards.

Design of the Spools

Among the features that produce the Brother PE770 stick out from the crowd may be the double-snap design of the spools, which prevents the thread from unwinding. This is simply not something you will probably find on many embroidery machines in this cost range.