Our Verdict
The Bose SoundLink Mini II was our previous Editors’ Choice Award recipient before its successor, the the melodious SoundLink Revolve, usurped that honor. Still, the Mini II provides great sound that could please almost all listeners. In addition it offers solid battery life and can certainly match a backpack. If it had been just a lttle bit lighter and waterproof it could be the perfect lightweight speaker. However, the Mini II isn’t water-resistant at all, whereas the Revolve includes a splashproof IPX4 rating. In general the Revolve is a far greater choice, unless you will get the Mini II on sale (and its own price happens to be dropping at most trusted online retailers).

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Our Analysis and TEST OUTCOMES
The Bose SoundLink Mini II really blew away our testers, providing an even of sound quality we only could have expected from a much bigger speaker. Additionally it is quite loud and lasted practically 17 hours inside our battery life testing, far exceeding the manufacturer’s claim. However. It still isn’t quite as effective as the brand new Bose SoundLink Revolve.

Performance Comparison
The Bose SoundLink Mini II received the most notable overall score inside our testing, rendering it the clear Editors’ Choice winner. Below we discuss the way the SoundLink Mini II performed in every one of our individual tests.

Sound Quality
The Bose SoundLink Mini II was the first runner-up inside our sound quality testing, earning a 9 out of 10 in a metric where scores plummeted ranged from 3 to 10.

The SoundLink Mini II really lived up to Bose’s reputation inside our sound quality testing. It combines deep, resonant bass with crisp, defined treble to produce a balanced and full sounding composition. Although it certainly can’t match the refined, encompassing sound of an excellent home stereo, it by far exceeded the sort of quality we expected from a tiny lightweight speaker. However, it can’t quite match the sound quality of the Revolve, which includes noticeably more depth. In addition, it had incredible clarity inside our testings, evidently defining notes in fast and complex arrangements that tended to get muddled together in other speakers. If you are even a little an audiophile and want to bring an excellent listening experience on the highway, this is evidently the speaker for you personally.

The SoundLink Mini II is portable, however, not throw it in your bag and just forget about it sort of portable. Thus it earned a 5 out of 10 inside our portability, putting it in the center of a metric where scores ranged from 2 to 10.

The Mini is relatively heavy at 1.5 pounds. While this additional weight certainly won’t make your bag or backpack feel unwieldy, you’ll definitely observe that it’s there. The Mini’s aluminum casing oozes a feeling of quality, but also feels as though it would be vunerable to scratches and dents (this could be somewhat mitigated if you buy a rubber cover). The Mini also offers no water resistance rating, so you will have to keep it safe from rain and splashes. Overall we think the Mini is exquisite for moving around the home as you transition from cooking to eating to lounging, and when planning on taking out onto the patio or in to the backyard. However, it is not the speaker we’d decide for traveling or taking further afield in to the out of doors. That isn’t to say this can’t do those ideas, it just wouldn’t be our first choice. If you did want to take it from the street, a sleeve and/or travel case could possibly be helpful (see accessories section below) The UE Roll 2 is well known model for travel, but its sound quality is drastically inferior compared to the Mini. The Bose SoundLink Color II is a great midpoint between both of these models, since it still sounds quite good but is durable enough for carefree days at the beach or next to the pool.

The SoundLink Mini II is relatively heavy, but can be carried around.

The SoundLink Mini II will get quite loud and earned a 7 out of 10 inside our volume testing. This is a good performance in a metric with scores which range from 4 to 9.

The Mini retains its stellar sound quality even though cranked up to max volume, that is a rarity among speakers of the size. That volume is plenty of to handle almost all circumstances you’ll likely utilize the Mini in: going out on the patio, relaxed backyard barbeques, and just general music listening throughout the house. If you’ve got a celebration going with 20+ persons the Mini might struggle a bit to totally cut through the ambient noise, but would still provide some vocals. If you want enough firepower for a big, loud dance party the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 or the JBL Charge 3 would last better, though both these models represent a sacrifice in sound quality.

Battery Life
Inside our testing the SoundLink Mini II far exceeded its manufacturer explained battery life, lasting a complete 17 hours. That is plenty to truly get you through a complete day of listening & most likely won’t feel limiting. We did log some impressive battery lives inside our testing, so although SoundLink Mini II performed admirably, it only garnered a score of 7 out of 10.

Other Features
The Soundlink Mini II carries a docking station which makes charging at home without headaches. It can even be charged with a port on some of the speaker when you’re on the run.

The SoundLink Mini II includes a convenient charging base.

The SoundLink Mini II is among the priciest speakers we tested. If you are not too fussy about sound quality you can likely spend significantly less but still be satisfied (the JBL Charge 3 and UE Roll 2 one thinks of). However, the SoundLink Revolve sounds better and costs the same. Therefore, the Mini II is merely a good value if you discover it on sale.

The Bose SoundLink Mini II was the very best sounding Bluetooth speaker around until Bose replaced it with the Revolve. Unless you care about water resistance