Purchasing a home entertainment sound system could be a complicated process. You have to acquire speakers which will work in harmony with one another. In the event that you neglect to do so, you’ll be stuck with something that likely cost you a lot of money and doesn’t perform aswell as you’d expected. Bose changed the audio tracks marketplace with the SoundTouch 300 and the nearly invisible wireless speakers. Finally, you can buy a modular system that works in perfect harmony. However, there’s one disadvantage to the sleek, compact designs that Bose prefers. As the other 300 series speakers can handle making a clear, full bodied sound, they simply don’t have the punch that lots of users crave.

That’s where the Acoustimass 300 Series Bass Module will come in. Made to be paired with the other 300 series speakers, this subwoofer is with the capacity of extending your lows to an even you never thought possible. But this premium product comes at reduced price. Should you grab this sub for yourself, or spend your cash elsewhere? Let’s have a look.

First Looks
Considering that practically almost every other Bose product available was created to be compact and portable, the Acoustimass 300 certainly sticks out a bit. Weighing in at practically 40 pounds and with the dimensions of a tiny coffee table, that is considerably bigger than anything we’ve seen from Bose before. But regardless if it’s not shaped just like a Bose product, it’s certainly made to appear to be one. The velvety smooth exterior just screams luxury, as the glass top gives it an adult look that synergizes with the compatible soundbar. However the looks alone aren’t likely to make your movies any longer exciting, so let’s have a look and observe how it sounds.

Set Up
Before you get any sound from your own speaker, you’re likely to have to arrange it. Although it’s made to hook up to the soundbar, there are incredibly few buttons or controls on the bar itself. We’ve been down this road before, trying to pair devices as well as no visual indication. We were prepared for the worst. But what we found was a nice surprise. Create was as near effortless as it could possibly be.

Here’s the task: First, you put the speaker on the floor. Next, you plug it in to the wall. And that’s it! It communicates wirelessly with the soundbar, so simply having it within the same room will do to complete the create procedure. Until they find out ways to deliver power wirelessly, we can’t think about anyway that Bose could simplify the procedure.

If you stay in a significant urban center, Amazon will offer you to create your sound system for you personally (for a fee). I believe it’s safe to state you could skip this service.

Sound Quality: Movies
The most important way of measuring any audio tracks product is how well it sounds. Sure, you could be ready to make some quality sacrifices for a lightweight speaker that’s durable or maybe includes a long battery life. However the Bose Acoustimass 300 is definately not a lightweight speaker. Given its premium price, we were ready to be highly critical of the subwoofer. Inside our eyes, the only way of measuring its value was how it sounded. Works out, we were wrong.

The real value of the sub is not totally how it sounds, but how it feels. And in this regard, we were incredibly impressed. Our first test was with an action movie on Blu-ray, and our jaws hit the ground. Every explosion produced an audible blast you could feel in your chest. Every bullet fired had a tactile pop to it. This adds a complete new degree of depth to your movies which you can’t get with basic speakers.

For the bass itself, it could only be referred to as clear and powerful. Every note hits with an almost effortless precision. Exactly like with the sound bar, the audio tracks feels as if it really is coming from throughout you rather than from an individual point. That is possible because of the “quietport” technology. On many subs, you’ve probably noticed a hole in the box. They are called ports, and the serve two purposes. First, they’re made to vent the box. Most subwoofers move an excessive amount of air to be within one place, so venting the speaker allows air to go in and from the box without creating vibrations or rattling. When you see circular ports, you’ll observe that they look similar to leading of the trombone. Plus they behave in the same way. These ports amplify the sound, in order that manufacturers will get away with using smaller speakers. The disadvantage is that the sound originates from a singular source, and that means you don’t get the entire bodied sound you get with the Acoustimass 300.

You’ll observe that the glass the surface of the sub is raised off the box but a tiny margin. This can be a quiet port itself. Because Bose uses a sizable and powerful driver, there’s no dependence on volume improving ports. The effect can be an explosive sound that appears to result from every corner of your room concurrently – an event we’ve rarely had with basic subwoofers.

Sound Quality: Music
Generally, subwoofers are split into two categories. You have kinds for movies, and kinds for music. It’s really challenging to produce a subwoofer that is well suited for both. Movies demand punchy, explosive bass that’s recreated realistically. Music, alternatively, demands accuracy and the capability to recreate multiple harmonic tones simultaneously. When we saw that subwoofer had been promoted for both uses, we were just a little worried. However, the Acoustimass 300 manages to take care of both roles competently.

After our experience with movies, we really wished to see what this speaker was manufactured from. So we threw on the most aggressive, upbeat electronic track we’re able to find. And the results were specifically what we expected. Every note hit us in the chest, and we could actually hear a greater degree of depth and detail to the bass notes than we’d ever heard before.

But imagine if you aren’t into slamming electronic bass? We made a decision to try something on the contrary end of the spectrum and play a jazz track, “A WEEK Of Falling” by the Esbjörn Svensson Trio. This track includes a gentle, punctuating bassline that’s as definately not synthetic since you can get. And the Acoustimass could perform competently. This track why don’t we see a totally new side of the speaker. This wasn’t the aggressive, punchy bass we’d become familiar with. Instead, we discovered that the speaker taken in the reigns a lttle bit and offered a precise, detailed sound that gave us greater appreciation for the instruments that composed the song.

It’s safe to state that whatever type of music you love, the Acoustimass 300 can improve your listening experience.

So, May be the Bose Acoustimass 300 Bass Module WORTHWHILE?
If you’ve read our other reviews, you understand how impressed we were with the 300 series audio tracks system. However the Bose Acoustimass 300 Bass Module takes everything we love and adds an totally new layer of depth to it. If you’ve already go the soundbar, then we’d think about this to be an important purchase.

However, the Acoustimass 300 is just a little unique of the other two elements of the 300 series system. The Soundbar works extremely well alone, or with the other components. The surround speakers can be used independently, even while a lightweight speaker. However the Bass Module isn’t independent. It works exclusively with the 300 series soundbar, and isn’t appropriate for any other audio tracks system.

When you are only out there for the sub and don’t intend to acquire the soundbar, then that is probably not value. However, if you are searching for an upgrade then your kit would make an ideal choice. Even the combined price of most three parts is drastically less than you’ll need to pay to discover a comparable system. We’ve heard a good amount of home entertainment systems before, and you’d likely need to spend up to $2500 to acquire a comparable quality system.

There is actually only 1 downside to the wireless bass module. Your neighbors will hate you. In the event that you reside in a tiny apartment or condo, you’ll want {to crea