Per month ago Jackie sent me a contact with the subject type of “Interesting Product” and a web link to the Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet from Improv Electronics. It looked interesting if you ask me too, therefore i posted an instant news blurb about any of it and kept looking forward to it to can be found in stock in order that I could buy someone to check it out for myself. I acquired lucky a couple weeks ago and could order one through Amazon. I’ve been using it the previous few days and listed below are my thoughts.

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Last updated on May 16, 2022 10:34 pm

Package Contents
Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet
Stainless telescoping stylus
Cleaning cloth
User guide

The Boogie Board is a 8.75 x 5.5 inch thin plastic slate which will remind us 40 somethings of the Magic Slates from our childhood. Remember the waxy black cardboard tablets with a thin layer of grey plastic that you’ll draw on with a plastic stylus? When you wished to make a fresh drawing, you’ll just lift the plastic to erase the ‘screen’. The Boogie Board has taken that concept and modernized it.

The Boogie Board tablet doesn’t need an on or off button since it will not require any capacity to continue displaying what has been written on the LCD. By doing so, it really is similar to e-ink ebook readers just like the Kindle and Nook. According to articles in the March 2010 article of Popular Science:

The Boogie Board sandwiches trillions of liquid crystals-tiny modules that arrange themselves in spirals-between two sheets. At rest, the screen appears dark for the reason that spirals lie in a manner that lets outside light go through to the black plastic below. But direct pressure causes the spirals to stand upright. Light then bounces off them, naturally creating a bright Whitish color, no energy-hogging light needed. The image stays put without power, unlike a normal LCD, because polymers mixed in with the liquid crystals help to keep them set up. To erase, you press a button that sends a charge between your plastic sheets (which are coated with conductive film) and re-scatters the spirals.

It’s always ready that you can write or draw onto it. Simply take the included stylus and write onto it how you would with a pen and paper. Because the board doesn’t have a spongy surface, it feels surprisingly similar to writing in some recoverable format. It almost feels magical what sort of ‘ink’ flows out from the stylus to the screen. I understand that sounds crazy, nonetheless it type of feels that way. Like you’re writing with a brilliant smooth magic marker.

When you wish to clear the board for a fresh drawing, you press the Erase button at the very top. The board flashes (such as a Kindle) and turns Black again, ready for new notes and scribbles which will stay there till you press the Erase button again.

The Boogie Board doesn’t have a back light and unlike the images displayed on Boogie Board’s website, the ink isn’t neon Green. As possible plainly see (go through the images for a more substantial view), it’s more of a light Grey. You won’t manage to read the board at night, but you’ll haven’t any problem viewing it in a normally lit room.

Writing and drawing up for grabs will be a lot of fun. I came across myself doodling like I haven’t done in years. But that’s where in fact the bummer comes in… you can’t save whatever you write or draw on the board. I assume you could have a picture of it with a camera, but that isn’t too convenient.

Another bummer is that the battery that powers the Boogie Board isn’t user replaceable. Once it’s depleated, the board is useless. In line with the Boogie Board site, that’s around 50,000 erase cycles.

Other than the actual fact that this product includes a somewhat limited lifespan, the only other complain I’ve is that there isn’t a clip or tether for the the stylus.

I hope you will see a version 2.0 of the Boogie Board that somehow allows image saving and perhaps even other ink colors. But until then, that is a great little product that I’ve enjoyed testing and using.

Update 9/13/10
Nowadays there are a few accessories designed for the Boogie Board:

The Magnet and Stylus Clip set pictured on the left carries a few magnets you can stick on the trunk of the Boogie Board in order that you can slap it on your own fridge or file cabinet. Also included is plastic clip that holds the stylus. $2.97

There’s also a neoprene sleeve which has a sewn in stylus holder. $9.95