At first glance, it may seem the Bissell Spinwave 2039A is a steam mop. But it’s not. It’s an electric-powered spin mop that works just like a mini professional floor scrubber. It scrubs and polishes with counter rotation from two cleaning pads.

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People who have back pain appreciate the self-propelling movement that will require less physical strain than other manual mops. There are several drawbacks, however, including price. It’s on the top quality of the spin mop cost range. But we’ll reach that in an instant.

Why pick a Spin Mop?
There are lots of types of mops available today, from the essential yarn at once a adhere to high-tech robotic mops. Spin mops will be the next step up from your own traditional yarn-head or sponge mops. They’ll cost a bit more, but the benefits usually are worth it.

Melba Espinal

Our Expert Team

A spin mop:

Keeps your hands clean and dry. The spinning action, whether powered by the mop or bucket means forget about bending to wring out the mop yourself.
Doesn’t leave excess water. You can spin out as much or only a small amount water as you want from a spin mop and even utilize them as a dry dust mop.
Lets your floor dry quicker. Given that they don’t leave big puddles behind (unless that’s what you would like), floors dry quickly, which is wonderful for sealed wood that’s sensitive to water.
Has reusable and washable cleaning pads. A lot of them do, anyway, which is super handy, creates less waste, and ensures you will have a clean pad readily available.
It’s also sort of fun to view the mop head spin around just like a caffeinated carousel.

What do you get with a Bissell Spinwave 2039A?
The Spinwave includes 2 scrubby pads and 2 soft touch pads. In addition, it includes two 8 oz. bottles of multi-surface formula cleaning solution.

Key features:

Power spin pads: They work in pairs and spin together in opposite directions. This eliminates the necessity to run the mop in every different directions to scrub away stubborn stains. Remember Mr. Miyagi’s advice to the Karate Kid? Wax on (clockwise), wax off (counter-clockwise). It’s sort of like that.
On-demand spray: The spray trigger on the handle enables you to control just how much solution gets onto the ground. Use as much or less than you like.
Auto-stop: When you stand the mop upright, the spinning action stops, and you will leave it standing there to go furniture or answer a phone, etc.
Self-propelling /swiveling: It’s not technically self-propelled, however the spinning action can help you push it with hardly any effort. The swiveling head maneuvers around furniture and enters corners well.
Machine washable & dryable cleaning pads: Pop them in the washer or top rack of the dishwasher to completely clean them (don’t use fabric softener or dryer sheets).
2-year limited warranty: Bissell will replace any parts that break or malfunction under normal conditions aside from those you need to replace regularly, such as for example cleaning pads. It doesn’t cover breakage from user negligence, self-repairs, or any other unauthorized use (see user manual).
An email on the self-propelling action: Some customers have pointed out that the self-propelled movement will get uncontrollable if you’re not careful. Less water in the tank means less weight to greatly help contain the mop steady, so keep that at heart.

Product Dimensions
The complete mop head area is approximately 14 inches across. In the centre, it’s a few inches tall, therefore the whole mop head might not exactly fit under suprisingly low clearance furniture. The pads stand out about an inch on either side, so it’s fairly simple to clean right against cabinets, sinks, etc.

Weight – 11 pounds
Cord length – 20 feet
Cleaning tank capacity – 28 oz.
Power rating – 0.9 Amps
Cleaning Pads
Two types of pads include this mop – soft touch and scrubby. The scrubby kinds are obviously for heavy-duty cleaning. The scrubby kinds have bristles for splitting up stubborn, sticky stains but remain gentle enough never to scratch sealed floors. The soft-touch pads are suitable for light-duty mopping and dry mopping/polishing.

Once you’re done, you can wash the pads in a washer or top rack of the dishwasher then air dry them or put them in a dryer. Remember never to use fabric softener or dryer sheets, as that may diminish their absorbency. With proper maintenance, the pads should last almost a year up to couple years according to how often you utilize them.

If you’re looking for something to completely clean grout, an individual manual states that it’ll clean “shallow grout”. Deep grout lines could be a challenge to completely clean with the Bissell Spinwave. One homeowner suggested by using a little foot pressure to greatly help the bristles get down within.

Cleanup Expert Tip: Make certain the pads are aligned appropriately when you hook them up to the mop, or the device could vibrate.

Cleaning solution / tank
The tank stands up to 28 oz. of Bissell cleaning solution. First you add water to the water fill line, then add your cleaning solution. On the tank, you’ll see fill lines for both small and large areas which means this will help you not waste solution.

While you may use plain tap water, some customers have noticed swirl marks and streaks on the floors. In the event that you notice this, use filtered/distilled water instead. Also, hot water (not hot) is preferred for better cleaning performance. There is absolutely no water heater on the device.

Cleanup Expert Tip: Some householders prefer a vinegar/water solution. However, using anything apart from the Bissell cleaners in the tank may damage the device and void your warranty. One suggestion is to fill the tank with water only and use another spray bottle for the vinegar. Spray your floor with the vinegar one section at the same time, then review it with the mop.

May be the Bissell Spinwave 2039A right for you personally?
Here’s an instant rundown of the advantages and disadvantages discussed above to assist you decide.


Best for light and durable mopping
Self-propelling and light for less back strain
Swivel head
Two counter-rotating mop heads
Reusable/washable cleaning pads
Includes 2 extra pads and 2 bottles of cleaning solution
2-year limited warranty

Can be hard to regulate
May leave streaks/swirls
Price (~$100)
Must only use water or Bissell cleaning solution/water
Hard to match behind toilets and under suprisingly low furniture
Bad for deep grout
Here are several questions home owners frequently have concerning this and other spin mops.

Are spin mops best for wood floors?

They can be ideal for SEALED floors of any sort. Hardwood, laminate, or tile flooring that’s not sealed shouldn’t be wet mopped. They may be mopped with an extremely damp mop, but any standing water could warp the ground and void your warranty.

What’s the ultimate way to avoid streaks?

Using distilled or filtered water is one of the better methods to avoid streaks. Also, making sure your floor dries quickly and that you don’t use more water than {is essential