A cleaning device that sweeps and washes floors at once saves you treasured time. One particular machine and the one which does that powerfully may be the Bissell CrossWave Cordless. This wet and dry vacuum is among Bissell’s best I will say. It includes you excellent cleaning capabilities, making vacuuming and mopping your bare floors and rugs a breeze. Its cordless nature helps it be such a versatile machine, and you could put it to use anywhere in your house.

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as of May 17, 2022 1:48 am
as of May 17, 2022 1:48 am
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I would also venture to state it’s nearly the same as the recent Hoover ONEPWR FloorMate Jet, which I’ve just reviewed. However, Bissell has been focusing on their CrossWave for at least 3-4 years, since they’ve released the first version of the wonderful cleaning appliance.

For an in-depth overview of this upgraded wet dry vacuum from Bissell, continue reading. I will explore everything there’s to learn about the features it includes. And towards the finish of the review, I’ll execute a comparison between it, a previous model designed for owners (the Bissell CrossWace Pet Pro) and Hoover ONEPWR FloorMate Jet. To start out us off, lets have a quick consider the specs.

Suction/ Cleaning Power
Powerful suction – Safe on sealed floors

A 36V battery runs the applying, probably the most powerful to be utilized on a Bissell cordless cleaning device. With this sort of electric power, you may expect the Bissell CrossWave to completely clean all sorts of surface. And it can. It vacuums and washes a variety of floors such as carpets, sealed hardwood, linoleum, laminate, and more.

As a dry vacuum, the CrossWave provides over 100 AW suction. You can make make use of it to eliminate even the dirt that’s set deep in carpets. On hard floors, it works impressively using its spinning brush roll and powerful ventilation system. When used as a mop, it sprays cleaning liquid, loosens dirt and auctions it up in to the dirty water tank using its strong vacuuming system.

Input Power
Bissell CrossWave Cordless run time

The 36V battery that the CrossWave cordless comes with offers slightly a lot more than 25 minutes of cleaning time. It costs for 4 hours and the maker offers a charging station for that. One impressive thing concerning this vacuuming mop from Bissell is that inspire of the battery being high capacity, you won’t be looking forward to a long time before it charges fully. The battery is a lithium-ion, this means better performance and longer life.

Dust Capacity
Separated tanks

Because the Bissell CrossWave mostly washes floors, we will talk first about the tank which holds the dirty water. It’s a 14.5-ounce bin situated in front of the vacuum’s body. The capability is enough to permit for the cleaning of large areas before it requires to be emptied. However, that’s only when you are cleaning areas that don’t need you to use a whole lot of cleaning solution. These areas include bare floors that usually do not contain stuck on messes or hard-to-remove stains.

The reservoir that holds the cleaning solution or the clean water tank includes a 28 oz capacity. That’s quite an ample space which makes the CrossWave suitable to completely clean the average home. As the water in both tanks doesn’t mix, you achieve the very best cleaning results when working with this product from Bissell. You’re always using clean and fresh solution which leaves surfaces looking sparkling clean and smelling pleasant. For those who have pets, this is an attribute you wouldn’t want your cleaning device to miss.

Filtration Efficiency
CrossWave filter, situated on the surface of the dirty water tank

The vacuum includes a standard filter that’s located on the topside of the dirty water tank. It the same filter shared among all of the CrossWave versions, costing around $10, depending from where you obtain it. The CrossWave mostly washes surfaces instead of dry vacuum them, and the efficiency of the filter may well not matter much. In addition to the filter, the dirty water tank includes a strainer that keeps away the debris that gets found from entering the tank. The maker advises that you clean the filter periodically as clogging would reduce airflow strength and affect the unit’s capability to pull up dirt from surfaces.

Weight and Dimensions
Bissell CrossWave Cordless different views

Despite being truly a 2-in-1 cleaner, the Bissell CrossWave doesn’t weigh much. It’s a 12.5 pounds machine. That means it is averagely portable, and you may haven’t any difficulty carrying it up or downstairs. It measures 10.5 inches length, 12 inches width, and 46 inches height.

A 2-year manufacturer’s warrantee backs the Bissell CrossWave Cordless. It’s among the longest from Bissell, since almost all of their devices carry 1-year guarantees. To gain access to the warranty, you have to register your CrossWave with Bissell and make your purchase at a certified outlet or web store.

Package contents

The box that is included with the CrossWave cordless contains these things: the device’s body, a handle, brush roll tray and its own funnel (to dry the brush roll in), docking station as well as its adapter, two bottles of multi surfaces cleaning solution with each bottle carrying 8-ounces of liquid, and similar bottles of pet formula. Additionally you get the a manual and warrantee agreement.

Special Features
Now that we’ve seen the specs of the Bissell CrossWave cordless, why don’t we take a look at the features that these devices comes equipped with.

Multi-Surface Brush
Works on hardwood and carpets

The brush roll on the CrossWave cordless was created to focus on different floor types. It’s soft enough yet able to dislodging dirt. Which means you won’t have to worry if your property is multi-floored or regardless if you have sensitive surfaces such as for example hardwood. You can only just utilize the CrossWave brushroll on sealed hardwood, though. That’s as a result of its washing action that could be a risk to unsealed flooring.

The soft nature of the brush helps it to soak up the cleaning solution since it spins and increased its mopping action on surfaces. When applied to carpets, the bristles help agitate dirt for easier grab by the suction inlet. Once you have washed this device to clean the floors, the brush roll becomes sodden with the cleaning solution and must be rinsed and dried. There are always a tray and drying rack given by the maker for that.

Two Tank System
Two Tank System

These devices uses separate tanks, and the dirty water and cleaning solution don’t mix. This offers many advantages. It ensures the cleaning solution achieving the surfaces is always fresh. It’s an essential feature that increases cleaning results, in particular when washing carpets. The tanks require to be rinsed after each cleaning session this means detaching them from the machine. The manufacturer provides a fairly easy way to achieve that.

3-in-1 Charging Station
Bissell CrossWave Cordless storage tray

This implies that you should use the charging dock of the Bissell CrossWave cordless for three different tasks. Aside from charging the battery, the dock offers a location to clean the device in addition to storage. It includes a tray to carry water when rinsing out the device after a cleaning task. Afterward, the docking station holds these devices until you will need it for another task. There’s also a rack to dry the brush roll from.

Pivot Head
Your body of the Bissell CrossWave swivels to give you better control of these devices when cleaning. You can guide it around objects easily, making cleaning activities convenient and fast. The swivel is smooth, and you won’t be by using a lot of effort to carefully turn the handle.

Fingertip Controls
Ergonomic handle

The control buttons are put within easy reach, on the handle. You can operate the vacuum without desperate for anything, that is a commendable design. The controls are also simple to interpret and just a few, which further eases the duty to use the vacuum.

Carry Handle
Bissell made carrying this vacuum easier. It includes a comfortable handle that enables you to move the unit in one destination to another. While this feature may seem to be insignificant, it’s pretty useful for users who’ve {to comp