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as of May 16, 2022 3:24 pm
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First we’ll speak about the specs that may give some users pause. Yes, the resolution is 2560×1080 and FreeSync only works right down to 50Hz. But if you’ve read our other reviews of 1080p gaming monitors you then know we favor things such as contrast, color accuracy, and motion processing quality over resolution. We’d favour a smooth experience free from tears, stuttering, and ghosting over a higher pixel count any day.

The 34UC79G is among the few FreeSync monitors to provide Low Framerate Compensation (LFC). Because its max refresh is a lot more than two-and-a-half times the minimum, it could buffer additional frames when the rate drops below 50Hz and for that reason avoid switching out of adaptive refresh mode. In conjunction with lower resolution, which means users with an increase of modest systems will love the same smooth experience when the action dips below 50 FPS.

Predicated on what AMD has published, and our very own visual observation, LFC monitors the render rates and repeats frames adaptively as a way to fool the monitor into thinking the refresh rate continues to be above 50Hz. That way, tearing is never one factor and you won’t need to resort to latency increasing V-Sync to keep carefully the action flowing.

Apart from this extremely attractive feature, the 34UC79G sports an IPS panel with a factory-certified calibration (for grayscale and gamma only), 144Hz, blur-reduction in the sort of a backlight strobe, a subtle 3800mm-radius curve, OSD joystick, and new styling that announces its gaming intent. And the purchase price? $699 from LG’s website. It really appears to give you a lot your money can buy. Let’s have a look.

Packaging, Physical Layout & Accessories

LG may be the master in terms of protecting curved monitors from the rigors of shipping. The panel is totally surrounded by foam blocks and a strong double-corrugate box. The upright and base are wrapped separately and should be assembled. No tools are needed. Attach the bottom with two captive bolts and snap the panel on and you’re set.

Bundled cables include HDMI and DisplayPort. The energy supply is a moderately-sized brick with a detachable cord. You also get yourself a calibration data sheet that certifies each panel for grayscale and gamma accuracy. Color tests aren’t included. A CD with supporting software and a user manual round out the package.

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