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Nowadays, good 27-inch 4K monitors don’t cost a lot more than non-4K monitors with similar features. If you’re viewing or editing 4K-resolution pictures or videos at native resolution, or regardless if you merely want sharper text and images on your own screen, a 4K monitor will probably be worth the investment.

“4K” is a loose term that indicates the approximate number of pixels present horizontally over the screen; using the 4K resolution is 3840 pixels by 2160 pixels. That’s four times the pixels in a 1080p display and 2.25 times as much as in a 2560×1440-pixel display. The pixel density in a 4K display permits sharper, more descriptive images and videos, together with a rise in usable desktop space-which means you will see a couple of information on the screen at once-but 4K monitors desire a newer computer to perform at 60 Hz refresh rates. Your personal computer must support DisplayPort 1.2 or later or HDMI 2.0 or later; the majority of things released in or after 2015 should display your desktop and programs at 60 Hz just fine, though your graphics processor and Web connection may also determine whether games and streaming video can run at 60 Hz.

Streaming and displaying 4K video also takes more processing power and bandwidth than showing lower-resolution content, though that may vary according to encoding and other factors. Streaming Netflix at 4K on a computer, for example, takes a seventh-generation Intel Core processor or among Nvidia’s 10-series graphics cards, the Microsoft Edge Browser, and an Web connection of at least 25 Mbps. Requirements may differ widely, so before buying check your hardware’s capacities as well as your software’s system requirements to make certain that your personal computer can handle what you need to display.

If you can’t afford a monitor with 4K resolution or have a mature computer, we’ve guides for lower-resolution 24-inch and 27-inch monitors, which remain great for browsing the net, multitasking, and gaming at your desktop. Buying either at the moment can save you $100 to $200.

How we picked the very best 4K monitor
They are the features you should search for in a 4K monitor:

Size: A 27-inch monitor is large enough to take good thing about a few of 4K’s extra screen resolution without having to be too big to use on a desk. We didn’t look at any 4K monitors bigger than 32 inches because they take up an excessive amount of desk space.
Panel type: Your 4K monitor’s display ought to be IPS, not TN (or VA), because IPS panels provide much better viewing angles and color reproduction.

Ports: HDMI and DisplayPort connections are both requirements for just about any good 4K monitor. HDMI is among the most frequent ports not simply in computers but also in game consoles, media streaming devices, and other electronics. DisplayPort is an identical standard that also permits you to daisy-chain compatible monitors. Great monitors also needs to add a USB 3.0 hub so that you can hook up peripherals to your personal computer while minimizing the quantity of cables running to a computer sitting under your desk. We considered USB-C a supplementary instead of a requirement, but we’ve started weighing it more heavily in 2019 than in years before because it’s turning up everywhere nowadays; it permits the transmission of both data and power over an individual cable, which reduces cable clutter on and under your desk.

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