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Last updated on May 16, 2022 5:24 pm

The core part may be the same in both products and originates from AU Optronics; internally it’s referred to as M270DAN02.3. It had been first offered in 2014 and runs at 144Hz in its stock form. No more modification is required, this means it’ll run reliably the whole day and every sample works at the peak refresh rate.

The panel offers 8-bit color depth and a white LED arrayed at the edges. Our tests of the Acer version revealed excellent color accuracy, high contrast and excellent screen uniformity. In addition, it displays great off-axis image quality because of Advanced Hyper Viewing Angle (AHVA) technology, which includes already proved itself in the XB270HU.

The only functional difference between your two may be the Asus monitor has chosen to hire AMD’s FreeSync and therein lies a concern. As a result of chosen scalar chip, the MG279Q’s fps-matching range is merely 35-90Hz. Now before you provide the hands in frustration, at least find out about our gaming experience on page seven. It’s not a large deal used.

The other thing overlooked here is any kind of blur-reduction feature. Because you can’t use ULMB as well as FreeSync or G-Sync, we don’t believe it’s a concern. After testing a great many other screens offering smooth motion, thanks to their high framerates, we found we didn’t use ULMB much at all. Besides, it reduces light output, sometimes significantly.

Does the MG279Q surpass the high standard set by Acer’s XB270HU? Let’s have a look.

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