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Last updated on January 7, 2022 6:57 pm

Is there a far more painful sphere of technology to look in than pc monitors? It’s an countless checklist of specs and benchmarks that nobody product ever before appears to meet completely, all for an increased price than you are feeling like you need to be paying. And the problem is a whole lot worse with game playing monitors. The give attention to cutting-edge performance spots their relative deficiencies into possibly starker relief.

I strongly think that for those who have a high-end PC but don’t have an excellent gaming screen, you are wasting your hardware. Even so, there is certainly one – and only 1 – gaming screen that I could wholeheartedly recommend. It’s named the Asus ROG Swift PG279Q, it had been launched almost 3 years ago, and it even now costs about $700. It’s my own decision because it’s the only choice I’m alert to that will everything I want it to, almost all of what I’d enjoy it to, and practically none of what I don’t want to buy to.

The PG279Q is, to place it briefly, a 16:9 27-inch 1440p 165Hz IPS G-Sync screen. There are incredibly few monitors with many of these characteristics, and Asus’ ROG Swift spectrum has a large amount of similar products with near-identical product quantities, just like the cheaper TN panel-prepared PG278Q, the MG279Q with FreeSync, and the 4K 60Hz PG27AQ. The easiest method to describe why the PG279Q is my screen of choice is to undergo accurately why each of its specifications is proper for me.

To begin with, why do I’d like a 16:9 monitor? In all honesty, the web form of the truth is the biggest problem I’ve. I’ve owned ultrawide 21:9 monitors during the past, and I really do love the knowledge when everything works correctly. But incompatibility problems with many games are simply frequent enough for this never to quite be well worth the trouble. (For instance, Monster Hunter World’s overdue Laptop or computer version launched yesterday without the ultrawide support.) 16:10 is usually a far more generally useful factor ratio for non-gambling applications, and the worst you’ll need to manage in games is small letterboxing, but no person makes good 16:10 gaming monitors. So, 16:9 it really is.

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