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Last updated on May 16, 2022 5:17 pm

BenQ hasn’t been one for look-at-me styling, and the XL2411P follows that theme. It might easily be recognised incorrectly as an enterprise monitor and is obviously qualified for that purpose. One unique factor may be the small tab on underneath right that leads an individual to the control buttons underneath. A little LED shines orange in standby mode and green when the power’s on.

The bezel is chunky by modern standards, 17mm wide throughout. The anti-glare layer is defined inside frame and competently rejects ambient light, rendering a well-saturated image free from grain or artifacts.

The square base includes a molded-in tray, which could possibly be useful for housing stray paperclips or, perhaps, a mobile device. Sadly, there are no USB ports with which to charge said device. There exists a headphone jack on the left side though, which is something we’d prefer to see on all monitors. There are no built-in speakers, nevertheless, you do get volume control in the on-screen display (OSD).

The stand is an excellent affair with a thick upright that telescopes through a 5-inch height adjustment range. Additionally you get 45-degree swivel and 20-degree back tilt with a 90-degree portrait mode. The trunk includes a prominent cooling vent over the top with the Zowie logo displayed on the left. Inputs are next to the upright, facing down, you need to include one each of DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0 and DVI.

OSD Features
The XL2411P’s OSD will be acquainted to BenQ users using its three-box layout and organized sub-menus. Navigation is by button with five links labeled by on-screen icons.

(Image credit: BenQ)
The Picture menu has everything necessary for calibration except the picture modes, (we’ll reach those in an instant). A Black eQualizer, as BenQ spells it, adjusts shadow detail for greater visibility in dark areas. The XL2411P carries a low blue light setting, that may reduce fatigue when reading black text on white backgrounds during long work sessions. Blur Reduction engages a backlight strobe, which completely eliminates motion blur but reduces brightness by around 50%.

You can modify color temp with four presets in every picture modes except sRGB. The fourth mode has RGB sliders for a custom white point. In either FPS1 or Standard, grayscale tracking is great from the box, but color requires a little attention. If you would like to tweak gamma, there are five presets available. We found some curious behavior there (we’ll let you know more on page 3).

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