One thing that pops into my mind when I hear Cricut may be the slick design. They did an incredible job in the look department. Just look into your competition Silhouette machines are too boxy, and the Brother’s LCD screen shines such as a sore thumb.

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Look and Feel
I never get uninterested in the way the machine opens. The doors open with a lttle bit of delay. On many occasions, I’ve caught my kids opening and closing the device. I can’t blame them it’s a cool feature, and you intend to see it again and again.

If you browse the product iterations, they will vary. Every once in awhile they make some design changes, however the difference happens beneath the hood. Whenever they launch a fresh machine, something got substantially better.

The first machine that arrived was the Cricut Explore One. It put the Cricut on the map. From then on came Cricut Explore Air. As you have observed, there wasn’t a substantial change in the look, nonetheless they added Dual Carriage (double tool holder) and Wireless communication.

Double Speed
Then came the Cricut Explore Air 2 it brought double speed (aka fast mode). As a crafter who works on many complicated projects, 2x speed was a god send. It’s not simple to get back to normal as in snail speed.

New Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine in Red

The final product may be the flagship Cricut Maker. This machine has generated its individual category. It has 4000g of cutting power. (Simply for reference other machines are in the 210-350g range). Maybe in 2019 Silhouette will have the ability to catch up announcing their Cameo 4 having 5000g of cutting power.

With a machine so powerful a fresh world opens up for crafters. Harder, tougher, and thicker materials can be utilised with these machines. This means more creation features that can be automated.

Let’s go back to our Cricut Explore Air 2 Review

Size and Weight
It’s a decent sized machine and has significant weight to it. Be sure to use a strong workbench. Many crafters have a designated spot because of their tools. If you don’t own it than mind the weight. Moving it around left and right could be difficult.

One more thing I’ve noticed is that Cricut machines have a tendency to lean towards the heavier side. I’ve done a couple of reviews and comparisons and Cricut have outweighed all of them. Maybe they use better quality parts. I’ve no clue about any of it.

Cricut Explore Air 2 isn’t simply a basic cutting machine. Yes, many opponents can cut and draw. Explore offers more.

Cricut Design Space Software
Typically every brand has its software, and third party tools aren’t allowed. For Cricut, the managing software is named Cricut Design Space. It’s online software. It has numerous benefits and one major drawback.

Firstly, you don’t have to install anything or worry if it’s up-to-date or not. Secondly, it works on any device anytime without compatibility issues. Since it’s cloud-based, you will need access to the internet to it. This signifies that in case you have dodgy or no internet, you can’t talk to your Cricut.

Yes, they have tried fixing this by releasing an IOS app, but it’s not the real thing. Hopefully an Android software will be released soon. Since we’ve started discussing Cricut Design Space, let’s continue with it.

It’s the most easiest to understand software available. It’s intuitive naturally and very user-friendly. You need to use SVG files without the hassle or any extra payments what so ever. Because of the global online presence, it’s hard to safeguard your own works. Even here Cricut differs, it provides good privacy settings.

There is another complaint about the program. It will shrink designs a bit. I haven’t had the opportunity to confirm it. The easiest thing is always to test drive it for yourself. Set the parameters in the program and gauge the results following the project is finished.

If the outcome is smaller than make an effort to modify the dimensions accordingly, this might only be a concern if you want something very specific. We’re not done there’s more to include this Cricut Explore Air 2 Review.

Because of the Cricut Design Space software, you can any handmade drawing and change it right into a digital one. Once that’s done you merely replicate as much time you wish to. Because of this all you have to is an electronic camera since everyone includes a smartphone within their pocket it’s no issue at all.

Once you have finished your design, all you need to accomplish is photograph it and upload it to create Space. And you’re done. From then on, the look behaves like any other design you have or bought.

Cutting Force
What sets Cricut Explore Air 2 apart from the other is its cutting force. Most machines are limited by 210g of cutting power. The only machine that matches Cricut’s power is Brother’s Scan and Cut, which is defined to 350g aswell. Other than that your government Cricut Maker is 4000g strong.

As you can plainly see, it stands that beats all others. The more cutting power a machine has, the easier it cuts materials. Also, it could cut tougher and thicker materials aswell. This is why it could handle a lot more than 100+ materials. But more upon this later.

The cutting size is fair 11.5 X 23.5 inches. That is ample space for some crafters.

Dual Carriage
Among the features that I dearly love may be the Dual Carriage one. It’s been introduced already in the first generation of Explore Air products.

Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine Dual Carriage doing his thing (pen tool and cutting tool)

This implies that you need to use two tools as well. You may easily draw and cut. All you need to do is established the machine and allow it do its job. Meanwhile, that can be done different tasks, and you don’t need to babysit the device wasting time.

Be prepared in the event that you get accustomed to this feature you won’t manage to live without it.

Blades and Cutting Depth
The material thickness size is decent. 2mm may be the standard for these machines. Warnings don’t confuse this number with cutting depth. For instance, Silhouette Cameo includes a cutting depth of just one 1.2mm and Cricut Maker 2.4mm. For the Silhouette, the material thickness is defined to 2mm aswell. Is Silhouette much better than Maker you can read my comparison upon this page.

In both machines, quality blades are being used crafted from German carbide. In the event that you haven’t heard about them prior to the German carbide steel is ultra resistant.

You can hook up to these devices wirelessly. This ensures that by having Bluetooth technology, you can hook up and control your Cricut machine. I simply love cordless connectivity; it reduces accidents. That is important assuming you have kids inside your home.

If you get tangled in wires, you may easily pull on the device maybe even breaking it. THEREFORE I provide a bonus point for cordless connectivity.

Now the marketing material mentions that it could use 100+ material. Well, it’s not really a lie. After testing it again and again the very best materials to utilize the Cricut Explore Air 2 is paper, vinyl, and cardboard. Sure it could cut multiple materials, but there’s an enormous learning curve for all those. It takes a whole lot of patience to obtain it right. For this reason I recommend the utilization of these 3 materials.

Noise Level
Before I bought my very own Cricut, I had a significant hang-up. These machines usually are loud. In the event that you get hold of a Cricut be confident it’s incorrect. The noise level is acceptable; other brands are much louder compared to the Cricut. Maybe that’s where the heavier parts enter into play.

Biggest upgrade because the first Explore Air is speed. You can choose the double speed (fast mode) for assembling your project. This saves considerable time, and you may get accustomed to it. Sometimes it’s hard to utilize the machine in normal mode since it provides impression that it’s employed in slow motion.

Warning! By activating the 2x, you are forfeiting the reduced noise level. The faster the device moves the more sound it generates. Also, it’s smart to check your design first. If it’s an elaborate design you should leave it on normal speed, therefore the cut is really as perfect, it usually is.

One of the primary issues with these machines is the price tag on ownership. For instance, Brother charges sky-high charges for their accessories, plus some crafters reported that they have to change tools frequently.

This is simply not the case for Cricut. The accessories will be the cheapest that you can buy. They have a tendency to work for extended hours.

Tips and Tricks
Here’s a hot tip for you personally. If you discover your cutting mat extremely sticky, put a T-shirt on and whola it’s done. The cutting mat will be less sticky and better to use.

The price a lttle bit high but considers the savings you are making with cheaper accessories.

I’m about to summary my Cricut Explore Air 2 review. Let’s see what we’ve learned so far.