The BenQ’s GW2765HT’s price looks too inexpensive to be true, but it surely is a 27in IPS display with a 2,560×1,440 pixel (WQHD) resolution at under £300. Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals, offers is here for you to get awesome products.

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Typically, IPS panels cover a wider area of any given colour gamut, and will display the most challenging and vibrant colours. IPS panels also produce wider viewing angles than TN panels, but they’re much less quick to respond as a TN screen, that may usually change the color of any pixel in 1ms. This IPS panel can manage a 4ms response time and refreshes at 60Hz, rendering it acceptable for everyday gamers, however, not for twitchier players.

Our colour calibrator reported a sRGB colour gamut coverage of 99.8 % of the sRGB colour gamut, that is a mightily impressive figure, particularly as the monitor had not been calibrated. It did lose out on the brightest reds and blues, and there have been minor deviations through the entire colour spectrum, however in everyday use you’re unlikely to note the slight shading differences. In the event that you work in graphical design, we’d recommend the ViewSonic VP2772.

The GW2765HT’s contrast degree of 1064:1 is just about what we’d expect for a display as of this price, and it allows greater detail to be observed in darker spots in games and movies. The 0.37cd/m2 black level means fairly deep blacks, and the screen’s LED backlight is relatively uniform over the panel. The screen coating is neither matt nor glossy; it includes a little shine to it but also simply a hint of grain that you might notice in the event that you look closely.

The GW2765HT is made for enjoying films and everyday games instead of heavy design work, but there exists a dedicated button on the monitor to adapt the blue light setting, and the backlight also uses flicker-free technology, another known reason behind eye strain. At maximum brightness, the screen produces an extremely bright 397.8cd/m2 of light. Sadly, navigating the monitor’s on-screen menus is a frustrating pursuit for the reason that navigation buttons are on the trunk. You must feel for them, and we often found ourselves hitting the incorrect button.

The screen’s bezels are constructed with glossy black plastic, which looks just a little cheap. Taking into consideration the price, that is forgivable, as may be the insufficient a USB hub. The height-adjustable stand is a welcome addition, and there’s a lot of screen tilt, too. It doesn’t swivel, though.

The BenQ GW2765HT is an outstanding monitor. The two 2,560×1,440-pixel resolution and the visually pleasing quality of the IPS panel make the GW2765HT’s sub-£300 price a genuine steal.