Hey everyone, Gino here with Modern Accessory Review. The Beats Pill Plus is truly a replacement of the beats 2.0 claiming to provide better range and definition to the sound characteristics. There is improved battery life and improved features aswell. The cost of the speaker happens to be $130 which is shocking due to the fact the speaker was $229 when it had been first released. Black friday is here and now you can get huge discount out of that.

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as of May 17, 2022 1:31 am
as of May 17, 2022 1:31 am
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Let’s start with the look of the speaker. The pill plus is bigger than the older model and is roughly 8.25 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. The speaker does weigh a lot more than I in the beginning thought at 26.31 oz. Its heavier than various other mid range speakers and it might be noticeable in the event that you put it in your bag.

However, the Pill Plus is obviously still quite definitely portable, and simple to manage. Leading and back of the speaker gets the grill which practically indestructible. However the new feature surrounding the width of the speaker is a grippy, silicone like texture, exquisite for having it stick to your table and helps it be simple to grab.

Moving to the most notable of the speaker you have a 5 light battery indicator and the beats logo does light when you switch on the speaker, and it’s actually a button which allows you to regulate music such as for example Pause, Play, Skip tracks, as well as answer calls. To the proper are your regular volume along buttons.

Now, moving to the trunk the speaker, and included in a flap the Pill Plus offers a charge output for just about any device that runs on the USB cable and has been good for me since I love to travel. Next, you have a 3.5 millimeter port to physically hook up your device if you don’t want to go wireless, and then familiar to Apple users a lighting port can be used to charge the speaker that can be a negative if you are a Android user.

The battery life of the Pill is claimed to be 12 hours which is a lot improved from the prior model. Recharging wise, it took little under 3 hours from a dead battery to full. Another feature that was a comeback may be the capability to pair another Pill Plus so two speakers can play concurrently that will offers more of a surround music.

A very important factor that I pointed out that beats removed is NFC which means Near field communication that allows NFC enabled devices and phones to just tap at the top of the speaker and pair your device immediately. The Bluetooth selection of the speaker has been excellent. I have already been able to visit the other side of my home, downstairs, and the bond never cut out.

Let’s reach the part you have already been looking forward to. The sound! The sound quality of the Beats Pill is great compared to the rest of the mid range speakers. But, sense the Pill is a mid size speaker rather than a full size you won’t have the deep sub base levels. If your a bass lover definitely still think about this.

The bass will there be and it’s more bassy than almost every other mid size speakers available in the market. The speaker itself is quite loud filling small rooms for certain and mid size rooms to an excellent degree. The sound signature isn’t bright and I’m sure with it being bassy its not designed to.

For those hearing hip hop it’ll sound correctly fine. Now, if your hearing music with plenty of lighter notes you might notice some slight vocal droning where in fact the vocals may sound slightly suppressed. Sadly, with high vocals it could get jumbled and isn’t clear at very loud volumes.

It generally does not retain its clarity up to I’d have liked. This speaker all together does perfectly though. I’d say if your a bass lover that is worth a consideration if a not deep into bass a number of the other sound characteristics are somewhat lacking.

Let me really know what you imagine of the Beats Pill Plus in the comment section below. Personally, i think it’s an extremely capable and good speaker for the proper genre. At the purchase price point of only $130 this speaker is obviously at the top of my list to find the best mid range speakers.

But, if your buying a speaker that is stronger and will get louder I would suggest the UE Megablast or the JBL Xtreme 2 If this review helped you for some reason please support me by liking, commenting, and sharing this review. Every tiny bit helps. Don’t forget to include me on Instagram and again I’m Gino from Modern accessory Review here to assist you find a very good product for yourself. I’ll see you