Bean bags are back – and they’re not the amorphous vinyl blobs of yore. The most recent selection of bean bag chairs centers around sleek, multifunctional, comfortable designs for just about any setting. They are often funky furniture options for dorms and kids rooms – some even transform into beds, making them boons for small spaces. Bean bags are well suited for large-scale adult settings, too; beautiful oversized suede and leather options are naturals in everyday libraries and home theaters. Outdoor models give you a new way to view sunlight set while sipping coffee. How exactly to decide on the proper size and style for you personally? Read on.

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Unlike their name, bean bag chairs aren’t packed with actual beans. Most bean bags today are filled up with small, light, polystyrene beads that form to the body, creating an ideal comfy nest. The beads are fire-resistant and frequently manufactured from recycled materials, such as for example plastic soda bottles. Models with this sort of filler may allow to include moreover time, too, for extra support.

Alternatively, some bean bags could be filled with reboundable foam like the material used in foam mattresses but split up into smaller pieces, creating a softer memory-foam effect. Due to softness of the foam, almost all of these bean bags could be vacuum-sealed in small containers for easy shipping and so are easily fluffed back to their original shape.

Both types of fillers are nonflammable, water-proof, hypo-allergenic, and held in tightly, typically by reinforced seams and locking zippers.

No matter what kind of filler your bean bag has, its cover and liner are crucial components. The liner lives between your filler and cover, offering the filler some protection from moisture, dust, dander, and other allergens. Plus, as a container for the filler, the liner enables you to take away the exterior cover for care and maintenance without needing to replace the filler normally as you wash the cover.

In terms of cover designs, cotton, twill, and suede liners are simply perfect for indoor use; cotton and twill are specially simple to clean (some, super-conveniently, could even be machine washed), making them a number of the kid- and pet-friendliest. Leather and faux-leather covers elevate bean bags, making them true options for main-room living. And if you’re likely to tote bean bags to tailgating events or patio- side barbecues, the very best cover choices will be weather- and stain-resistant nylon or ballistic fabric – don’t forget to find integrated cup holders, too.

Finally, consider safety features. Locking zippers keep curious children and pets from accessing the filler, and double-stitching along cover seams mean the surface can endure serious repeated use. Search for liners and covers that are durable, hypoallergenic, and flame-retardant to guarantee the life, comfort, and beauty of your bean bag for a long time to come.

The filler sets the comfort and the cover sets the style, however the bean bag’s condition and size will be the true dictators of the chair’s use. From the classic round plopper to elegant modular couch units, a comic- themed reading chair for just about any child’s room to a king-size leather model exquisite for any den, bean bags can be found in a spectrum of sizes and shapes. When choosing the proper bean bag, the main element thing to keep in mind is who’ll be using the bean bag chair frequently. It doesn’t make much sense to purpose smaller, round bean bags designed for kids rooms in adult spaces, nor do king-size thrones work for toddlers. It’s also vital that you consider the bean bag’s main use. Does it have to convert to a bed for house-guests, or might it be used simply for sitting? Will the chair have to be pulled up to table, or might it be for lying back and going for a nap? How many persons does the chair have to seat at anybody time?

The bean bag has moved from a kitsch icon of time past to a completely functional addition to any room or yard. Make your modern home just a little whimsical – and far more comfortable. Find your perfect bean bag at – shop bean bag chairs now.