Need some help choosing the right barstools for your kitchen? There are many practical and aesthetic things to consider to make certain the barstool you decide on is wonderful for your space.

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as of June 23, 2022 5:08 am
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Barstools can be found in many shapes, sizes, and styles to complement any decor.
Step one 1. Back or No Back
Ensure that you take whether you will want barstool with or with out a back to consideration when shopping. Backless barstools will provide you with a cleaner and sleeker look and can take up less visual space, that is a key consideration in a tiny space, but may well not be the proper fit if you spend lots of time sitting in the stools.

If you intend to spend considerable time sitting at the counter, a bar stool with a back may be the right strategy to use regarding comfort. Also, if there are small children in family members, having a barstool with a back could be an improved option for added support and safety.

Step two 2. Matching Wood Finish
If you are searching at wooden barstools, consider the other wood finishes in your kitchen (i.e. the cabinets and hardwood flooring). Match the same finish for a uniform look or decide on a darker or lighter wood for more of a contrast.

STEP 3. Height
You will find a height difference between bar and counter stools. Counter stools fit under 36″ high counters and barstools fit under 42″ high countertops.

Use this guide to determine how big is the stool that fits your space.
Prior to going shopping, gauge the height from the ground to the lower of the counter to be sure to pick a barstool or counter stool this is the right height.

Don’t forget to take into consideration the height of the arms on a barstool to be sure to can tuck them beneath the counter without the arms getting back in the way.

Step 4. Seat Cushion
Depending about how enough time you may spend sitting on the barstools, you might want to look at a barstool with a cushion or a padded seat for added comfort.

STEP 5. JUST HOW MANY will you Need
The general guideline is to permit for 26 to 30 inches between your centers of every barstool, or one stool per 2- 2 1/2 feet. This ensures everyone sitting at the counter has enough arm room and many people are comfortable. Allow 15 inches from the finish of the counter to be sure the stools don’t look too crowded.