Audio-Technica makes great sounding headphones.

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as of June 27, 2022 2:37 am
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The ATH range all offer studio-quality listening. And the ATH-M40x sits in the center of the range and will be offering great affordability. If you’re seeking to make a fashion statement, these won’t be for you personally. However, if you’re looking for a few high-quality headphones, and so are prepared to quit some functionality, they have too much to offer. Now you can get black friday & Cyber Monday deals, offers, sales right here.

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So, let’s have a closer look…

Our rating: (4.5 / 5)

The design is very much indeed what you’d expect from Audio-Technica. There’s nothing fancy or flamboyant about their headphones or their products. Audio-Technica is about performance.

A look well suited with their natural habitat of the studio…

The ATH-M40x headphones have an all-black color scheme. The earcups have a silver logo in the circular pattern. The name and logo, again in silver, is proudly emblazoned on the headband. They are a couple of headphones that won’t draw focus on themselves. The appearance is somewhat minimal, yet stylish within an understated way.

The Audio-Technica ATH-M40x headphones are very bulky for a day to day group of headphones. They do have a comparatively small cup profile but don’t have the same slimline look you get from some Beats or Skullcandy.

In addition they don’t have the same sort of features you’d expect from an urban group of headphones. Although you could nearly escape with wearing a set of these on the train to work, without persons staring, you’d possibly choose never to.

They are able to fold away right into a smaller profile for storage or transport. However they only have a soft case, which means you wouldn’t want to produce a habit of taking these out of our home too often. The truth is these are studio headphones. The studio is where they belong, and the studio is most likely where they should stay.

They are reasonably well-crafted, and even though they are mostly manufactured from plastic, they’re durable enough to have a few knocks. The headband includes a metal core which really helps to reinforce them. Unfortunately, this metal reinforcement isn’t carried over the hinges.

That is a shame really as the hinges will be the weak spot of the headphones build and design. If there’s any point on the headphones that’s more likely to fail, then it’s this – understandable as it’s a common failure point on a whole lot of headphones.

Just don’t go throwing them around the studio within an artistic tantrum, and you ought to be fine.

They’ve got this right. You can wear the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x all night on end, plus they don’t feel at all uncomfortable. They are, of course, a closed-back design, so they could make your ears feel a bit warm, but it’s nothing to complain about.

The ATH-M40x headphones are adjustable for all head sizes. The glad tidings are that if your mind is small or large, they adapt and fit well. There’s a good amount of adjustability in the headband to have a secure however, not an over-tight fit. Additionally, because the earcups also swivel, it really is simple to have them within an optimum position.

Also, to be able to swivel through 180 degrees makes these headphones simply perfect for Dj-ing together with also making them well suited for one-eared monitoring whenever a guitarist really wants to still hear his amp in the live room, for instance.

Both headband and the ear cup have soft padding. It’s much less soft as we’d have liked, however the padding does an excellent job of cushioning your mind and ears. The material used for the padding is PU leather, so that it doesn’t have breathable qualities as something similar to leather, for instance.

It could be nice to really have the headband and earcups crafted from a far more breathable material, but this isn’t a dealbreaker. It wasn’t a major issue or way to obtain any major discomfort. The truth is that PU leather is a fairly standard material as of this price-point.

Need new earcups… no issue!

One positive about the padding on the earcups is they can be replaced. That is probably among the first parts which will wear and need replacing. New earcups are readily and cheaply available online, which is nice.

If you started scanning this review buying a feature-packed group of headphones, you’ve come to the incorrect place. There’s very little in the design of the headphones to create them well suited for your daily commute or session at the fitness center. No Bluetooth, no facility to arrange and play your music or take your calls. There’s also no noise-canceling to cut out traffic noise, or much else in all honesty.

However, they do have several features. But, these are incredibly much predicated on their design as studio monitoring headphones. So, though this will be short, let’s look into the limited features they are able to offer.

There’s no Bluetooth connection. These offer wired internet connections only. The Audio-Technica ATH-M40x headphones do, however, include two useful detachable cables.

One cable is a coiled cable that runs between 1.2 meters to 3 meters. The second reason is a straight 3-meter cable. Both are simply perfect for studio use.

The straight 3-meter cable is a more satisfactory selection of length compared to the cables that include a number of the AudioTechnica headphones. The ATH-M50x includes a straight 1.2-meter cable which makes no sense at all for a couple of studio headphones.

Both cables are detachable and include Audio-Technica’s own proprietary locking system. It’s great to get a detachable cable because they can frequently get damaged. And it’s also nice in order to replace a vintage cable with a fresh one cable that isn’t a chore to match.

It’s also nice in order to buy different length cables and b in a position to easily change them if the occasion demands. Remember a regular cable won’t fit an Audio-Technica group of headphones. Happily, just like the earcup replacements, cables are economical and simple to find online.

We don’t have to take long with this section because there aren’t any. If you want plenty of features for that commute, you have to look elsewhere.

There is one option you do have with if you need to add a lttle bit of modern connectivity and technology. The ATH-M40x headphones could be fitted with a BAL-M40x Bluetooth adapter that fits in to the cable housing beneath the right ear cup.

The BAL-M40c adapter has all of the modern features and functionality of a Bluetooth system. This consists of having an integral mic to take and make calls. The Bluetooth adaptor is small and semicircular. It fits slightly below the proper ear cup, as soon as in situ, it appears like it’s section of the original headphones.

That is such a cool idea…

We love the actual fact you can go straight from the studio, takeout the wired cable, devote the adapter, and head for the park. The BAL-M40x gives a lot more versatility from what otherwise would be virtually a couple of headphones destined to live out their lives in the studio.

The good thing is as of this adapter won’t break your budget either.

The thing where we expect any couple of Audio Technica headphones to excel is within their sound. Thankfully the ATH-M40x headphones won’t enable you to down in this respect. These headphones sound awesome.

The ATH-M40x headphones, much such as a large amount of the ATH range, have already been a major hit with critics and music lovers alike. They will have excellent reviews in articles and forums. They are frequently commented on to be excellent alternatives to the newer and bass-driven alternatives that are so commonplace in today’s market.

They are studio headphones, so we’d expect a well-balanced and a set response. And that’s virtually everything you get. Though nearly.

Although they are marketed as studio monitor headphones, they’re not completely neutral. You can hear some coloring in the bass that shouldn’t be there. It not huge or overpowering, but it’s still there. Actually, the bass is a lot more colored than the more costly ATH-M50x headphones which they’re based.

They sound punchy, lively a bit more prominent than you’d expect. It’s different then the ‘kick you in the face’ sort of bass that you will get with a set of Beats. It really is more subtle. It doesn’t bury the detail in the mids and trebles.

Interestingly, this additional coloring can be taken through to the low mids. Though again, everything is kept in order to avoid saturation of the low frequencies.

This clever sound-shaping allows the richness and detail to shine through in the mid and the trebles. The detail and clarity is there to be heard where otherwise they are so frequently lost.

For discerning listeners wanting an engaging and exciting sound which has lots of detail, they are an outstanding choice. For music lovers who aren’t a slave to the bass, they are an outstanding alternative to modern headphones create for listening to hiphop and other varieties of bass-driven music.

So, how about for studio use?

They are still an excellent option, nonetheless it should be emphasized that they don’t offer you a completely neutral profile, if you wish a really flat response the ATH-M40x headphones are most likely not for you.

In the event that you don’t mind a tiny amount of added bass, they are fine. Also, if you only want to get a single couple of economical headphones for multipurpose use, we think they’re near ideal. What’s more, with the opportunity of adding the Bluetooth BAL-M40x adapter, they become a straight more powerful package.

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Pros & Cons

They’re comfortable.
Great sounding with an outstanding sound-signature.
Detachable cables.
Earcups swivel through 180 degrees.
It really is upgraded with a Bluetooth adapter.

Not strictly a neutral studio couple of headphones.
Hinges aren’t strong.
No hard carrying-case.
Photo by Joe Sleeper
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Final Thoughts
These are a fantastic and affordable group of quality headphones. They deliver a excellent quality sound that’s engaging to hear across a broad selection of musical genres. Whilst they’re no all-out group of studio monitor headphones, rather than quite as accurate as more costly Audio-Technica headphones, however, the product quality is still sufficient for studio use.