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Last updated on June 18, 2022 9:49 pm

Although the Amcrest View Pro iphone app and setup isn’t the most intuitive we’ve ever seen, you’ll manage to create your Amcrest camera accurately the way you want to buy to. You can customize from frame rate, resolution, sensitivity and motion detection zones within the app. Whether you’re dealing with a straightforward indoor camera for your living room, or a complete surveillance system with DVR or NVR, Amcrest enables you to make it your own.

No contracts

You won’t need to worry about signing any contracts in the event that you go with an Amcrest camera. You’ll purchase the equipment in advance, and the only cost from then on is if you opt to upgrade to an Amcrest cloud plan.


In terms of DIY camera systems, Amcrest is on par with similar companies. It really is highly affordable to outfit your house with these cameras, but it’s also an excellent mixture of value and performance.

Some setup could be complicated

If you’re used to surveillance cameras that are plug and play, you might find a few of the Amcrest products to become more difficult to create. The standard Wi-Fi products are more standard to get right up and running and we recommend choosing among the Wi-Fi options when you are uncomfortable with the more difficult create required with the other options.

No professional monitoring

Although you can aquire push alerts to your phone when cameras find motion, you’ll need to be comfortable monitoring your own system because Amcrest will not offer any professional monitoring options. Customer support representatives did tell our Security Nerd that if you discover a security company which will integrate Amcrest cameras into its system, they works extremely well with the other company’s professional monitoring.

Limited smart home options

Although the IP cameras have Alexa integration, you won’t find many third-party integrations with Amcrest. The business does have a type of Smart Home cameras, but there are no extras you may well be used to seeing like smart lights, thermostats or plugs.

Here are a few of the features Amcrest offers that stood out to your SecurityNerd.

Weatherproof: The outdoor cameras are sturdy, and will endure some rough weather. Our Security Nerd’s outdoor model lasted through a hurricane without problems.
Pan/tilt/zoom: Amcrest camera models make it simple to pan, tilt and zoom within the app, and that means you won’t have trouble seeing what’s going on in your own home or in your yard.
Moneyback guarantee: Amcrest offers a 30-day moneyback guarantee, which is pretty generous considering you don’t have even to sign a contract.
HD video: Amcrest offers from 1080p to Ultra 4k resolution, making sure you won’t be working with any grainy video.
Night vision: Amcrest camera options provide customers with some amazing night vision features that beat many competitors. Lots of the cameras have 100 ft. night vision, while some of the outdoor models have over 300 ft. night vision capabilities.
Two-way talk: With respect to the Amcrest camera model, you might have two-way talk to manage to talk to whoever is on the far side of the camera. A lot of the cameras have an integral microphone, at the minimum allowing you to talk with the person on the other hand.
Motion detection: Amcrest models allow customers to get push notifications when the camera detects motion. Additionally, it may record that motion event and store it in the app, Sdcard or cloud service.
Smart alerts: You can aquire alerts within the Amcrest View Pro iphone app and delivered to your phone predicated on your preferences.
Amcrest App: This could possibly be the most customizable applications that you can buy, with a huge amount of different options to make a unique experience for an individual. Our Security Nerd hasn’t experienced any lagging with the Amcrest app, but once in a while it could take a few tries for connecting, according to cell service.
Amcrest cloud storage: That is a fresh option by Amcrest where one can store more video within the cloud to have for an extended time period with out a DVR or NVR.
Local storage: Amcrest camera options provide customers with the choice to use an Sdcard in the camera to store video. Our Security Nerd chose that option since it keeps enough video and never have to pay a supplementary fee.
24/7 live streaming and motion recording: The camera feed is always live within the Amcrest View Pro app, looked after records any motion it detects. You can just toggle between camera feeds and pick the area where motion was recorded and notice within the timeline on the Amcrest app.
Activity zones: Certain Amcrest camera models let you create custom-made activity zones, therefore you can tell the camera where you want motion alerts, and where you don’t. So if there’s a whole lot of activity on a road before your house and you don’t like regular alerts, you can program your camera to ignore it.
Video sharing: The Amcrest View Pro software makes it pretty easy to share videos. Whether it’s something cute your dog did, or video you should share with a nearby, it’s simple to get the video sent from the app.
Facial recognition: It’s vital that you note only 1 of the Amcrest cameras gets the facial recognition feature, and this is the baby monitor with facial recognition. Otherwise, the cameras cannot tell the difference between a person and an object.
Alexa compatible: Only the IP cameras are appropriate for Alexa. They aren’t currently appropriate for any other smart home systems that aren’t created by Amcrest.
Just as Amcrest offers a multitude of security cameras, the installation process may differ widely aswell. An Amcrest wifi camera is approximately as simple since it gets, requiring an extremely minimal amount of effort and DIY know-how. It’s as simple as connecting your brand-new camera to the Amcrest app, scanning a QR code and connecting to your house wifi. Amcrest camera options include instructions, but when you have additional questions, there are many of methods to troubleshoot on the Amcrest site. Furthermore, there is some amazing customer support, including 24/7 chat.

Amcrest definitely has a good amount of cameras that either require someone very more comfortable with DIY projects, or simply even finding a specialist to help install.

For instance, our SecurityNerd opt for PoE Amcrest camera, which required drilling and a far more complicated setup. While our Security Nerd was comfortable doing the installation herself, there are customers who would want a professional installer turn out to make certain everything is working properly. The DVR and NVR options also get more difficult, so it’s vital that you know if you need the most user-friendly installation, you is going with the wifi versions that won’t require any drilling with installation.

Amcrest offers many types of security camera systems, from motorized outdoor cameras to bullet options and even baby monitors and drones. Below is a cost selection of the Amcrest camera options predicated on the sort of camera you want.

Wifi Amcrest Cameras: MSRP $49.99-$369.99
The low end of the price spectrum here are certain to get you a good wireless indoor camera with 1080p video, or a Nanny Cam option with AI human detection. There’s a good new camera doorbell option with two-way talk. Also you can purchase an Amcrest camera for just as much as $369.99, that will get you a weatherproof outdoor model with 328 ft. night vision and 25x zoom. There are a good amount of options for everyone’s budget. (You may well be considering our full overview of the Amcrest ProHD cam.)