Our Verdict
Light, fast, and fun, the athletic feel of the Adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX soars past expectations. Weighing little on the scale and our feet, we increased and down trails to your hearts’ desires. Our reviewers could actually take this off-trail aswell and were impressed by its versatility as a gym shoe or everyday cycling shoe. It isn’t the most comfortable because of its deep heel cup, and we desired other shoes when moving out on extended backpacking trips. If you prefer a shoe for fast hiking and other varieties of athletic play, though, that is a great choice.

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Our Analysis and TEST OUTCOMES
Performance Comparison

With light loads, the Terrex Swift R2 GTX is an able overnight backpacking shoe aswell.

The fit and feel of the Terrex Swift R2 GTX is athletic. Straight from the box, these shoes will be ready to go and absorb shock well, like athletic shoes. Though it utilizes a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane, these shoes were quite breathable on warm days on dry trails. On the downside, the forefoot is more pointed than most and narrow, however in the trunk, our heel slipped around on uneven ground in the wide heel cup, a thing that we’ve noted in reviews of previous generations of the shoe but which persists. The soft rubber of the outsole allowed for more sensitivity underfoot. This can help with traction but also cause sore feet on long, bumpy hikes. The thin rubber rand around the toes escalates the shoe’s toughness but does little when banged against rocks and roots.

This shoe includes a speed lacing system. We didn’t experience any issues with the laces loosening from the fasten and enjoyed the convenience inherent in this sort of system. The five sets of eyelets (one leather, three webbing, and one metal ring) allowed us to snug the uppers against our feet.

Keep carefully the laces clean. With dirt on the laces, these were a lot more difficult to pull through the eyelets and plastic fasten of the lacing system.

The Terrex Swift R2 GTX is an extremely light shoe inside our review, weighing 1 lb. 13 oz in proportions 11 (US men’s). Light is right in footwear, and these shoes are an outstanding choice for pounding out miles on flat and smooth terrain when carrying little weight on your own back. When the terrain gets rougher, though, choose the heavier but a lot more supportive options that bear more a resemblance to a hiking boot when compared to a running shoe.

We just like the foot support supplied by this Adidas shoe. Among the contenders, it really is among the stiffest in the midfoot, yet flexes in the forefoot. We also notice too little lateral support while in uneven, off-trail conditions, and believe that these were more susceptible to rolling than wider shoes just like the Hokas.

The Terrex Swift R2 GTX is a superb choice for short trail hikes such as this one in to the climbing area in Pine Creek Canyon.

On a few occasions, the stability of the heel fell into question. Our lead tester found his foot sliding when the heel stepped on the edge of a rock or other obstacle. That is likely because there isn’t any lot of surface contact on the perimeter of the heel because of the tread design.

Mid-Cut Version Available
Adidas Outdoor offers a mid-cut boot version of the fast-paced hiking shoe. The Adidas Terrex Swift R2 Mid GTX maintains the same construction and materials of the shoe model but with a taller ankle shaft. We haven’t tested this hiking boot, but expect its performance to be like the shoe, with the help of more ankle protection, an increased flood height, and a tiny weight increase. If you value the shoe but desire more ankle stability, try the boot alternative!

The Terrex Swift R2 GTX now uses Continental rubber outsole which contains a pliable rubber because of its quadrilateral lugs. This rubber could handle on-trail conditions easily, and we even took it up into more technical terrain just like the Mountaineer’s Route on Mount Whitney were we found them to execute much better than average at off-trail travel and moderate rock scrambling. Their performance was diminished slightly on wet surfaces, and during edging tests on talus travel.

Hiking over wet rocks, we could actually keep solid footing because of the Continental rubber applied to the sole.

When it found scree, mud, and snow, the Terrex offers average purchase. Its savior in this terrain is its heel brake, which resisted our feet from sliding out going downhill.

The lightweight Terrex Swift is aimed toward moving fast. It really is comfortable on flat and rough trails, too. We even wore this pair several times to the fitness center, where it performed well as an alternative tennis shoe. Intermediate to well-seasoned hikers with strong feet will see some backpacking utility in these shoes, but beginner hikers will reap the benefits of more foot support and protection.

These shoes aren’t created for scrambling at heart, however they performed sufficiently on an ascent up Mount Whitney via the Mountaineer’s Route because of good traction and support.

These shoes feature an athletic look common in shoes out of this manufacturer. It’s too sporty to be subtle, but most testers like its aesthetics.

Water Resistance
The Terrex Swift scored toward the very best of your competition in water resistance. Its 4.5-inch flood level couples with the impenetrable Gore-Tex Extended Comfort. It passed our five-minute stream wading test easily after 8 weeks of hiking and trail running, and shed water efficiently. These shoes never felt waterlogged, and that which was soaked in to the upper evaporated as fast as any other model.

Fording small creeks just like the North Fork of Lone Pine Creek, our feet stayed dry in the Adidas Terrex shoes. Even though water got in, these shoes dry out very quickly.

With such light materials, Terrex Swift R2 GTX caused us to be in the beginning skeptical of its long-term chances at longevity. After testing it in rough and tumble off-trail conditions, however, we commenced to improve our minds. The large rand of rubber around the toe box is excellent protection in this area of high wear, and the critical seams in the flexing forefoot are double-stitched. Being light and fun to perform in, we blazed through a myriad of terrain in this shoe, the synthetic upper remained unscathed after 90 days. The plastic cover on the heel prevents the trunk of the shoe from caving in, too.

Featuring speed laces, these shoes may have strength issues if among the laces break, making for a harder fix while out in the field.

The rubber isn’t the densest of the review’s soles, so we don’t expect it to last so long as some. Also, the webbing of the lace eyelets is susceptible to shedding strings. On this issue of the laces, we start to see the potential of the plastic fasten of the laces breaking if crushed, although the probabilities are small.

We such as this shoe, nonetheless it is more costly than various other models reviewed that performed at an increased level overall.

The Adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX is equal parts running footwear and trail hiker. That is an excellent shoe for a person who does almost all of their trained in a gym, at the park or on maintained trails, though backpackers who just like the feel of a lighter weight runner because of their overnight trips may appreciate the light feel and solid on-trail performance these shoes have to give you.