However before we begin, here’s a short introduction of the Adidas Continental 80…

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As the name hints, the Adidas Continental 80 were first released in the 80s but were only recently re-released in fresh colourways.

They were primarily designed as training shoes in the past but persons soon started with them more for lifestyle given its stylish look.

Eventually, these sneakers became just about the most popular lifestyle sneakers in those days.

Recently, with the release of completely new colorways, hype has build-up once more for these retro sneakers.

This is also partly because of the fact that they look pretty like the Adidas Powerphase by Kanye and caught a number of the hype…

With so much attention of these Adidas Continental 80, it might be hard to tell if they’re excellent or simply over-rated.

So in today’s Adidas Continental 80 review, I try to offer you my honest and objective view on these sneakers.

Hint: This sneaker is actually one of the best sneakers from this past year.

If you’re struggling to choose if that is a pair suited to you, then you have to read on this Adidas Continental 80 review.

Without further ado, lets get started doing today’s Adidas Continental 80 review…

As usual, we’ll start today’s review by wearing down a number of the key top features of the Adidas Continental 80.

Among the key top features of the Adidas Continental 80 is its soft leather upper.

For anybody with a set of Stan Smith, I’d say the leather feels similar but is slightly softer.

Unlike most leather, the material isn’t as stiff aswell so there is enough stretch to permit your toes to wiggle around for greater comfort.

At the toe box and sides, air holes are also deliberately punched directly into enhance breathability by ensuring good ventilation throughout the shoe.

Overall, the upper is well-designed never to only offer good comfort but great looks aswell, making this among the best features on the Adidas Continental 80.

For the Adidas Continental 80, the midsole is constructed of the most common EVA foam.

I personally believe that it is nothing special as support and cushioning on the midsole feels pretty average if you ask me.

So regarding midsole, it honestly feels virtually like any other lifestyle sneaker.

For the outsole, the pattern is smartly designed to provide good traction together with your every step.

The material of the outsole feels durable aswell which means this is a pair that’s more likely to last for at least a couple of years.

Sneaker Collar
Another feature we’re gonna give attention to may be the sneaker collar.

And I have to say that is one area I’m pretty content with.

The sneaker collar is lined with firm padding gives great cushioning around the ankles.

Of course, in the event that you compare it to jogging shoes just like the Adidas Ultra Boost or Yeezy Boost 350 the cushioning definitely isn’t as amazing.

But also for lifestyle sneakers generally, the cushioning is unquestionably above average and ensures a comfortable wear.

Despite the fact that stability applies more to jogging shoes, the cushioning from the Adidas Continental 80 gives solid stability along the ankles aswell. This means that your heels region are locked set up and don’t shift around while you’re wearing these shoes.

Overall, each one of these contributed to a fairly amazing wearing experience for me personally.

Now that we’ve divided a number of the key top features of the Adidas Continental 80, lets move to the next part of the Adidas Continental 80 review.

As stated earlier, support and cushioning on the soles is merely average but I really do find the cushioning on the sneaker collar satisfactory.

Coupled with the fantastic breathability, stretch and cushioning the sneaker offers, I have to say I’m pretty pleased with the overall comfort of the sneaker.

For a lifestyle sneaker, this is unquestionably also among those you can wear standing all day long without feeling any discomfort.

If comfort is among your concerns with regards to selecting a footwear, i quickly promise you won’t be disappointed with the Adidas Continental 80.

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The Adidas Continental 80 offers a straightforward yet stylish look.

Despite the many colorways from which to choose, most still look amazing which is simply perfect for lifestyle wear.

Also, they are really simple to match given their simplistic design.

I especially just like the double stripe pattern at the sides since it provides nice touch to the entire design while still maintaining a straightforward look.

The heel tab also features the trefoil logo, which proudly flaunts the Adidas brand.

Here are several on feet shots for your reference!

Given the slim condition the Adidas Continental 80 offers, Personally, i prefer to match them with an increase of fitting pants such as for example slim fit jeans to guarantee the sneaker isn’t overshadowed by my outfit.

I’d also avoid matching them with those brighter and bolder colors to keep up a simple look and feel that i feel is more fitting with these sneakers.

For more on matching sneakers together with your outfits, check out a few of my BEST sneaker matching tips!

In conditions of sizing, the Adidas Continental 80 runs true to size which means you should grab your usual size to find the best possible fit.

This sneaker can be ideal for those with wide feet as the toe box is wider than usual, which signifies that those with wide feet can wear this pair at your usual size and never have to go half size up.

Of course, to be super certain of your sizing fit I’d still recommend checking out at an area store but this size guide should connect with most people.

To help expand put things into perspective, I wear US 9 for shoes just like the Adidas Stan Smith and Nike Flyknit Racer, US 8.5 for shoes just like the Adidas NMD and Nike Air Force 1 , and US 9.5 for shoes just like the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350.

My true size is US 9.

The Adidas Continental 80 carries a realistic price tag of just $80 making them easily accessible to many.

But of course, as smart shoppers, why have them at retail when you’re able to have them for cheaper? WAY CHEAPER!

As these sneakers have already been released for a long time now, most colorways are available at huge discounts with many online fashion retailers.

Personally, i got my pair at Amazon for $45, which first got it delivered in simply a few days too.

There are however limited colorways and size at Amazon if you don’t see everything you like, my next recommendation will be End Clothing who offers multiple colorways for only $39!

Yes I know, just what a MASSIVE DEAL!

For such great prices, I could say the Adidas Continental 80 was worth my every penny.

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Adidas Continental 80 Review – Summary of Benefits and drawbacks

Simple stylish design
Generally comfortable wear
Easy to match together with your outfits
Highly affordable

NONE (yes it’s this phenomenal)
Final Words (who’s it for?)
The Adidas Continental 80 is a classic lifestyle sneaker which offers a straightforward and timeless style.

The simple design not merely looks clean together with your outfits but complements them easily and that means you won’t need to struggle much about an ideal match too.

It is also among my favorite sneakers right now since it feels amazing on feet which is a different one of my must-have criterias for lifestyle wear.

Given the highly affordable price of the Adidas Continental 80, that is a must-buy if you’re on a budget and wants a trendy sneakers to rock your outfits.

And that virtually sums up today’s overview of the Adidas Continental 80.

I am hoping I’ve helped you in a single way or another through this detailed review and easily did I’d really appreciate it in the event that you could share it around too!

Assuming you have any questions, feel absolve to also comment listed below and I’ll become more than pleased to help.

With that, I many thanks for looking into my content and as usual, lets spread the sneaker passion in one sole to another.