In this guide, we’ve compared seven of the greatest 240Hz monitors available to help you find the appropriate option for your preferences and budget.

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Last updated on May 16, 2022 9:37 pm

If you’re a significant competitive gamer and you want to to get every advantage possible over your competition, one hardware upgrade you may want to consider is to obtain a new 240Hz monitor. The insanely high refresh rate might not exactly be as advantageous for the everyday PC gamer, but also for rising esports gamers, the faster refresh rate could mean the difference between winning and losing.

So, in this guide, we’ve rated and reviewed seven top 240Hz monitors so as to help competitive gamers find a very good gaming monitor for his or her needs.

A Quick Consider the Best 240Hz Monitors
Our quick-look table lists our top picks to find the best 240Hz gaming monitors. We’ve selected four monitors, including our top G-Sync pick, our top FreeSync pick, the very best value option, and the least expensive 240hz monitor aswell.

Top G-Sync 240Hz Pick:
Inside our opinion, BenQ’s ZOWIE XL2540 offers among the finest options for gamers who want to buy the G-Sync or Adaptive Sync compatible 240Hz monitor. The XL2540 is a 27″ display with a 240Hz refresh rate, which offers both G-Sync and Adaptive Sync compatibility.

It does have a TN panel and, as such, has the ability to deliver a 1ms response time. However, that’s standard among 240Hz displays. What sets the XL2740 aside from a number of the other options upon this list is its larger screen size.

The XL2740 also includes removable “shields” that take a seat on the exterior of the monitor to greatly help minimize distractions when you pay. And, BenQ also makes a 25-inch version of the display, the XL2540, for under ~$400.

Ultimately, if you’re buying 240Hz monitor which will give you the substitute for use both an NVIDIA graphics card or an AMD graphics card, the XL2740 can be an option worth considering.

Top FreeSync 240Hz Pick:
AOC Agon AG271FZ2
If you’re thinking about gettin an AMD graphics card and you will want 240Hz monitor with FreeSync compatibility, then your AOC Agon AG271FZ2 could possibly be the option for you personally. At only under ~$380, the AG271FZ2 does cost a lot more than both FreeSync-compatible options below. However, it can have a larger 27-inch screen (in comparison to their 25-inch displays).

So, if you like to truly have a larger display, the AG271FZ2 happens to be one of just a few 27-inch monitors that is included with a 240Hz refresh rate.

The AG271FZ2 also has a TN panel which has a 1ms response time, an ergonomic stand, and a 4-year dead pixel warrany, a 4-year advanced replacement warranty, and a 1-year accidental damage warranty.

Overall, if you’re buying larger 240Hz monitor to pair together with your AMD graphics card, then your AOC Agon AG271FZ2 is just about the best option for you personally.

Value 240Hz Monitor:
ViewSonic XG2530
Inside our opinion, ViewSonic’s XG2530 is best value option for gamers who want to get a FreeSync-compatible 240Hz monitor. ViewSonic does also give a G-Sync 240Hz monitor (the XG2560), nonetheless it doesn’t quite have the price-to-performance ratio that the XG2530 does and, as such, isn’t nearly as good of a pick as the BenQ ZOWIE XL2540 in the above list.

But, for the XG2530, at only under $340, it’s the second cheapest FreeSync 240Hz display upon this list. The XG2530 sports a 1ms response time, a 3-year warranty, and an ergonomically designed stand.

And, as the Acer XF250Q will come in at quite somewhat cheaper and can be FreeSync compatible, it doesn’t quite have the display quality that the XG2530 includes. It’s not a big difference, though, therefore if you’re seeking to save money, you may you need to be better off choosing the Acer XF250Q the following.

Is A 240Hz Monitor WORTHWHILE?
Not everyone will require (or want) a 240Hz monitor. Right now, there are always a ton of niche markets within the gaming monitor market. You’ve got ultrawide gaming monitors, curved monitors, 4K displays, 1440P 144Hz monitors, etc. So, whether a 240Hz monitor is right for you personally will all drop to your own needs and the total amount you need to spend. Assuming you have a decent cover your monitor upgrade and you’re a hardcore competitive gamer, a 240Hz monitor will be worth it that you can at least consider. And, in case you are buying 240Hz monitor, among the options above should do the job.